Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sold four bricks (2,000 rounds) of .22 Long Rifle ammunition today to a local gun store

They needed the ammo far more than I did and offered a fair price.  Availability is low and prices are ridiculously high compared to a few short years ago.  That leaves me with around 6,000 rounds of L.R. still on the raft.  I’m tempted to unload all but two or three bricks (locally; this chitchat blog entry is not a solicitation for online offers).

The most often that I will be going to the range will be once a month (if they EVER get that new local range open) and I usually practice with centerfire ammo.  There no longer is any place around here for me to hunt with a .22 rifle (or a shotgun for that matter).  The older I get the less inclined I am to lay in supplies that would last me for the years when “SHTF.”

How much ammo is enough?  Darned if I know. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

GAT GUNS is offering FREE Illinois Concealed Carry Classes to ACTIVE MILITARY and their spouses until the end of November 2014

This is yet another reason why I think  highly of GAT Guns. From now until November 30, GAT GUNS is offering FREE IL Concealed Carry training classes to ACTIVE MILITARY and their spouses.

(You must be 21 or over)

ACTIVE Military members need to take only 8 hours (Parts B & C)

Spouses must take 16 hours unless they have prior approved training credit.

See the TRAINING CALENDAR for the schedule.

Do not register on-line.  Register in the store or by phone.


970 Dundee Avenue,
East Dundee, IL 60118
(847) 428-4867

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Gunsmoke and Hoppe’s No. 9 prevents Ebola infection

CLICK HERE for the source.

Thus far, my research shows that, in the entire history of the disease, the CDC and the WHO failed to trace a single case of Ebola back to a contaminated firearm.

I reckon it’s time to spend an afternoon cleaning some hardware.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Retired lawman Glenn B’s Mom recently passed away.

Glenn B., you have my condolences; you are a good son. 

I read his post during some introspection on the anniversary of my Mom’s last day on this earth, even though her passing was several years ago.  It was an honor to be one of her sons; she is impossible to forget.

It is natural that eventually we all will lose each other.  I reckon it is up to each of us to cherish the moments and the memories, although I think it natural that most of us wish we could trade some of the memories for a few more of the moments.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Another Prepper Experiment: Coffee made from five-year-old coffee grounds.

Yep, this unopened can was two years on the larder shelf before hitting the “best before date” and then it sat for another three years after that.  How is the smell and taste of the coffee brewed from these grounds?

Opened on September 18, 2014, the initial aroma of the grounds seemed to match that of a fresh can.  IMHO, the early taste and aroma of the brewed coffee was surprisingly acceptable.  In the ten days since opening, the brewed coffee has no aroma to speak of and there now is a noticeable stale taste.  But hey, during my lifetime I’ve had coffee that was much worse; if we were five years into an apocalypse, I’ll bet I could muster a few paying customers. 

We’ll finish using up the contents of this can, but, short of TEOTWAWKI, I see no compelling reason for us to ever repeat this experience.

EDIT: I have been experimenting with nuking the grounds in the microwave (in a dish, not in a paper filter) for short lengths of time before brewing; it seems to blunt most of the stale flavor.

Below are some raw links on keeping coffee.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

It is once again Cub Scout POPCORN time!

The drive is on and I ordered $50 $70 of goodies (should last us about one year EDIT: more Scouts were canvasing the store exits so I bought some Caramel Corn for the Wife).

There is a special place in my heart for Scouting.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Instruction Sheet for Ken Null’s SMZ (Smertch) Shoulder Holster

Ken Null does a much better job describing how this holster works than I can.  I scanned the primary side of the instruction sheet that came with the holster, but had to cut the resolution in order to get the file to a reasonable size for use on this blog.  You will likely have to zoomify it with your browser or make a copy for home use in order to read it.

BELOW is a copy-and-paste product description of the SMZ taken from Ken Null's Website.

"FACT. . . .

Very few individuals who purchase a conventional shoulder holster end up using it for very long. . . . Contrary to expectation, most shoulder holsters prove impractical. . . .too bulky, too heavy, too restrictive, in a word: uncomfortable. . . .

Designed initially for the CIA and other covert government agencies, this once restricted holsters is being offered to you, the highly trained professional, whose needs demand the very utmost in totally reliable, ultra concealable carry, the SMZ offers its user a combination of superior speed, comfort and weapon retention unparalleled in the industry.

Utilizing the very latest in rugged, spaceage synthetics, the SMZ is a holster you can live with, day after day. Its synthetic and stitchless construction will neither attract nor retain moisture thus providing a safe, worry free environment for your weapon’s finish and more importantly, its function. Further, its open muzzle design accommodates a variety of barrel lengths and/or the addition of a compensator or suppressor.

Dispensing entirely with the bulk and discomfort found in virtually every other shoulder system, the skeletonized SMZ provides total weapon security balanced with an error free, incredibly fast draw.

As in all our shoulder holsters, the SMZ utilizes the unique NULL tri-span suspension system which not only negates the weapon’s weight while not binding the wearer’s shoulders. . . .but also allows the weapon to maintain the same attitude as the body thus preventing the "give-away" signature of the weapon under the clothing that is common for all other types of shoulder harnesses. The weapon is easily presented from its secure position by a natural forward twist.

Available in white or black with matching harness colour.

Place the odds in your favor. . . .where they belong!


I first started using the SMZ back in early February of this year when I purchased one (white color) for use with my D-Frame Colt Revolvers (primarily the lightweight Colt Agent).  Since then I have purchased two more SMZ holsters, one (white color) for my J-Frame S&W Revolvers and one (black color) for my Walther PPK.  I guess that you might say that I find the SMZ agreeable.

The Ken Null SMZ has lineage going back to circa 1960s with Paris Theodore’s Seventrees, Ltd.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today is the last full day of Summer 2014

Most every moment of this spring and summer was a delight.  Many days, from early morning through the late evening, it was a sin to be indoors.

Tomorrow, September 22, autumn arrives sometime before the clock chimes at midnight.  The first full day of autumn is Tuesday, September 23.  There is always the promise of more nice days in the vestiges of this year, but we all know what the migrating birds and butterflies cannot keep secret; the best days of 2014 in the northern world lay alongside the shadows scattered behind us.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A prepper tip: Too long on my shelf gave these noodles a strange plastic like taste.

This brand is one of my favorite survival staples, as well as being one of my favorite quickie-meals.  It is affordable, easy to store, and easy to prepare.   

I am a fair hand at rotating my food stock but every now and then I miss the “use by” target date by a wide margin.  These 10-cups were the remains of that brand in my larder.  I believe that two years over the “best if consumed by” date is past what my taste buds can accept.  Don’t get me wrong, if we were in an emergency with widespread food scarcity, I would find a way to make these remaining 10-cups of soup palatable.   We all hate to waste food, but I chose to give these the toss.