Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogger comment problems


At least one person cannot get the comments at this blog site to work at all. Most other folks can post comments, but they must manually enter their ID because the automatic ID function has quit working, including for me. Other bloggers (Ruth and El Fisho come to mind) also reported losing their IDs for commenting at their own sites. I noticed some other Blogger sites that I frequent do NOT have the ID problem; those sites all use popup windows for entering comments. Therefore, I decided to do likewise; maybe it will cure all of the comment problems here.

This following worked (on the ID problem) for me; maybe it will work at your site too.

From the Blogger dashboard, click “settings.”
From the “settings” page, click “comments.”
Scroll down the page to “Comment form placement” and switch from “embedded below post” to either “full page” or “popup window."
Click “save settings,” then go to your blog page, and see if your ID appears in a test comment.

Good luck!



James A. Zachary Jr. said...

This is a test comment.

Ruth said...

shall give it a try!

Steve said...

If you see this it means that it's now working for me.

Glenn B said...

Problem - what problem - is there a problem? Testing - testing - testing. Test has been completed, success rate unknown. Problem undefined sufficiently. We will work on it further.

Have a nice day,
the staff at Blogger

Pumice said...

I am assuming you did "full page." The pop up window is a pain if I want to go back and check for response. It doesn't let me bookmark it. This style works though.

Grace and peace.