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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Archive from September 25, 2007

Entry for September 25, 2007

Saturday morning my older brother decided to accept an offer of assistance from one of Mom’s sisters. I left late Saturday afternoon to pick up Aunt Shirley from Tennessee. We arrived back here late Sunday evening. Saturday and Sunday were the only two days I did not see Mom since she had the first stroke. Until the drive to Tennessee, my job had been very easy, simply sitting with Mom, holding her hand, and talking to her. My brothers took care of the endless list of everything else, as well as finding time to visit with Mom. She would be very proud to see how all of them took care of business.

Aunt Shirley saw Mom in the hospital on Monday morning. It was quite moving to witness the reunion. Aunt Shirley is every bit as tough, loving, and beautiful as Mom. Aunt Shirley and my brothers spent the balance of Monday on the final preparations to bring Mom back to the house where she raised us. This house was the base of her happiness since 1956, and it will be where she spends her final moments on this earth. My brothers worked with near superhuman endurance to get everything ready but without Aunt Shirley being here bringing Mom home would not be possible.

Today, Tuesday September 25, 2007 Mom returned to her own bedroom, in her own home. We hope she finds peace and comfort here. She is weak, but she still shows occasional signs of recognition to voice and a touch. She knows that she is at home. She knows that she is loved.

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