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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Archive from November 20, 2007

Technorati tracks over 90 million blogs. The number of blogs never seems to quit growing. Many of the blogs are "noise", i.e. someone started a blog and then dropped it after they was no mad rush of approving readers. Their blogs are still listed, but pretty much dead. New bloggers sign on, blog a few entries, then they too die. Some popular blogs are many years old. Some blogs that have regular entries have no readers, while others have thousands of fans who read daily.

Out of all of the noise, it is still possible to find some real working blog gems. One of my favorite blogs is called "Girl, dislocated." The blogger is female, and she has a genetic disorder that makes her joints prone to becoming dislocated at unpredictable times. These events occur when she is driving, walking, eating, or sometimes when she just barely moves. To boot, she also has some cultural aspects to further complicate her life.

If you think your life is full of misadventures and pain, you need to check this blog out. Reading about her life can make you believe that your life doesn't suck so bad after all. She has all of the right in the world to sit and whine and feel real sorry for the hand she was dealt. Instead, she is gutsy, bright, and often downright funny. She is a darn good writer. My hat is off to her, she has more courage than is imaginable.

Check it out once, or make it a regular read. It is an award winning blog with many readers already. You too will wind up cheering for her.

James A. Zachary Jr.


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