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Monday, November 5, 2007

Archive from November 5, 2007

Entry for November 5, 2007

Going through Mom’s writings is not something you can just choose to do over a weekend. This project may just take months; she was a prolific writer. I told her long ago that all I ever wanted from her estate was to have all of her writings. What a collection of treasures. Songs, poems, prose, some of the things I am reading bring me warmth and smiles; some bring tears. She had some published works, and she had the fortitude to collect quite a volume of rejections slips. One of her recent quips sized her drive; “Is the best that I can do, the best that I can do?”

Mom had been having trouble with her memory for a couple of years before she died. It affected her creativity and her organizational skills. I suspect she was both too proud and too scared to have a frank discussion with her personal physician about it. Alzheimer’s is a big fear among old folks, even though it can be managed somewhat. After seeing a doctor, many folks would find they don’t have Alzheimer’s, but that they have one or more of a few dozen other manageable ailments that affect memory.

Whether Mom was suffering early signs of dementia or was suffering from something else is now nothing but floodwater gone dry. If there are any old folks reading this that are worrying about memory problems, please see your doctor early and often you stubborn old geezers. As much as your children want to drag your wrinkled ass down to the doctor, they probably won’t do it. Aside from having you declared incompetent, they legally cannot do it. Your family and friends want you to have your dignity as much as you want to keep it. They also want you to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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