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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Archive from July 19, 2007

Entry for July 19, 2007

Retirement has granted me some discretionary time. The website is evolving. A touch here and a touch there and sometimes it pleases my eyes and sometime not. First there was the dial-up BBS (bulletin board system) based on home computers, then web accessible “home-pages,” then a full website. About twenty years ago was when I first started parading myself online. Some things I wrote during the years of 1987 – 1989 on the old BBS world were moved to various sites on the internet. It is good fun to see them posted, and a nice tickle for my ego.

Why do we do web pages? Some do it for love and some do it for money. I will admit to my ego has always had much to do with it. I have a sense of self, and I always have something to say. Another reason is for reference. A website is a great way to keep tabs of “favorites” and share them with others. I can always reach my website from any computer.

What have been my aims being online all of these years?

1) Ego
2) Creative outlet
3) Reference
4) Personal business
5) Promote the businesses of friends.

I want to have an active genealogy site for myself and for others. I want to wave The American Flag, and I want to promote self-sufficiency. Did I mention I am pro-gun?

I would be honored if you would stop in a give it a look.


Thanks for listening,

James A. Zachary Jr.

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