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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Archive from June 12, 2007

Entry for June 12, 2007

There are Moslems who are American Citizens. There are American Citizens who are from the many countries of the Middle East. My roots in the USA go back to before the Revolutionary War on both my Mother’s family and my Father’s family. A Citizen of the USA naturalized yesterday afternoon is as much an American as I am. There is no DNA measure for being an American. If the USA says you are a citizen, then by God you are a citizen and you have the same rights as all Americans. That's not my idea mind you, I personally feel I should be King with a harem of Hooters Girls, but The Constitution of the USA keeps me in my place.

During World War II we subjected Japanese Americans, Italian Americans, and German Americans to internment and other violations of their rights as Americans. Bigotry, fear, and anger motivated many actions that in hindsight we all recognize as wrong.

The founding principals of this nation included Freedom of religion; Moslems are not an exception. The War on Terrorism should not be a War on Moslems or on American Citizens with Middle Eastern roots. Terrorists can hide behind religion or ideology, but they are quite simply nutballs looking for a reason to kill. They are controls freaks with explosives. The fool that blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City hid behind some convoluted ideology. He was a terrorist, a nutjob looking to go down in history as a martyr. Never will I dignify his name by writing it. He killed women and children without regret. Terrorists of any shade are quite simply baby killers, the lowest form of life on earth. Do not call yourself a patriot after killing babies to make your point.

We often think we know the mind of God. No human can ever truly know the mind of God. I will venture a guess that if we hear a voice telling us to kill, we most likely are not talking to God. If we hear a voice that tells us to oppress fellow Americans because of their religion or roots, I’ll hazard another guess that we are simply hearing the voices of fear and bigotry. Our Founding Fathers listened to a different voice.

Thanks for listening.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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