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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Archive from June 9, 2007

Entry for June 9, 2007

Few things can rattle me any more. Most things that should freeze my bones barely get a shrug. There are a few exceptions, one of them being Modern Slavery. Go to your web browser and type Modern Slavery into the window of any decent search engine. What you will read should make you sick.

Many cultures still look at slavery as a tradition, or as part of their social order. Many governments and religions find no sin in slavery. Many of the countries that condone slavery are the same ones we consider “friends” because they sell oil to us, or allow us to “fight the war on terrorism” from their soil (or sand if you will).

Pakistan has slavery. Think of THAT the next time you buy a shirt made in Pakistan. The corporations of this nation should swear a public oath not to buy goods or services from countries that condone slavery. We as consumers need to vote with our wallets, and refuse to buy any goods from any country that allows slavery.

The USA once condoned slavery, and the USA purged itself of that sin with blood spilled during a great war. Many alive in this country today had great great grandparents who were slaves, or who fought in the war that ended slavery. More that a hint of the foul taste of slavery still exists in this land. The horrible stench of Modern Slavery exists unchallenged in other lands. If the USA looks the other way for the sake of expediency in our dealings with countries that allow slavery, we are just as vile now as we were antebellum.

Thanks for listening.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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