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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Archive from September 13, 2007

Entry for September 13, 2007

When I stopped to visit Mom this morning I found she had suffered a bad stroke and a bad fall, I’m not sure which came first. She was lying on the floor, insisting she was fine and that all she needed to do was rest. She was coherent enough to get quite loud with her objections to me calling 911. She has a black eye from hitting her head when she fell. I was in the emergency room all day with her. She is now in ICU and a prognosis is still pending. My brothers are all there now, so I came home for a break. We are going to sit with her in the ICU in shifts (she has five sons).

Mom is an amazing woman. I could write pages about her. I love and admire her very much. The doctor was very frank and honest with me, which I appreciate. She said this type of stroke only has two directions; the patient gets better or dies. If anyone can beat this, it will be this wonderfully tough old woman from Tennessee. One can only hope and pray for the best. It was just last November when we lost Dad.

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