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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Archive from September 15, 2007

Entry for September 15, 2007

So far, there is not much change in Mom’s condition. No worse, which is good since the doctors all say the next couple of days are critical, i.e. she could have a catastrophic blow out. She recognizes each of us, speaks fairly clearly, has no short-term memory as of now, e.g. I can walk out of the room and she will not remember I had been there. Reality is a very confused world for her. She is weak on her left side. Her face looks like she boxed Liston and lost. We are prepared for the worst and praying for the best. She was clawing the IVs out so the nurses had to put a sleeve over them. Occasionally she will attempt to drag herself out of the bed. The neurologist needs an MRI to rule on /out some issues, and the MRI machine is broken. Last word was that they were going to try again about 10pm. It is a long run of tests if they get the contraption to work. Results would not be available until morning even if does work. One of my younger brothers is taking the shift until morning.

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