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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Archive from September 8, 2007

Entry for September 08, 2007

The tall baby-killing sheik has once again crawled out from under his rock to tell Americans to convert to Islam. The bearded baby-killer believes that Freedom of Religion should be limited to one choice. Otherwise, he promises there will be more dead babies, collapse of our economy, etc. In short, if America does not change, we are doomed. The baby-killing sheik truly believes he is a Prophet. Let me see if I can speak in his language. HEY ASSHOLE, YOU ARE NO PROPHET!

The baby-killing sheik will now crawl back under his rock with the rest of the maggots, and wait for his zealots to rack up the body count. What worries me is NOT the rhetoric from these murderous pigs. What worries me is that I hear more and more Americans wanting to do totally barbaric things to the Middle East. The more the maggots push us, the more resolute we become to be even more ruthless than they are. Historical Holy Sites in the Middle East are now being bantered about as fair targets. The irrational has become totally rational. The baby-killer and his friends may really want to reconsider where they are taking all of this. Do they really want a missile aimed at every Madrasah? Many Americans are at the point where that sounds quite palatable. The only thing that altered the thinking of the Japanese fanatics during WWII was total and utter destruction. Come on, let’s all go nuts like kids in a playground fight and smash each other’s balls! Good fun!

If you come to America as a friend, you will find no greater friend, and we will die for you. If you come to American as an enemy, you will know no greater enemy, and we will kill you. It is time for you to choose. It is time for us to quit playing nice.

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