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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Entry for February 16, 2008

Spring is finally here in Chicagoland. I saw two robins this morning, both mercifully frozen to death.

This promises to be one of the most interesting election years, at least during my lifetime. The standard of excellence for presidential candidates has been slithering lower over the past several elections. Whether or not the quality of these candidates is any higher, this campaign promises at least not to bore us to the point of brain death. Is the USA ready for a black President? Certainly we are. There once was a bias against an Irish Catholic becoming president, we survived. Will there be intolerance against Obama? Yep and we will survive that. If he becomes President, will it help heal this country or cut the wounds deeper? My bet is that it would be mostly a healing experience.

Will Barack defeat Hillary in the primary? Yep, unless the dirt diggers find something real juicy in his past. Drug use already is moot; our current POTUS has a past that would make any junkie look presidential. Our previous POTUS took infidelity to a standard no other mortal could match. Unless proven to enjoy necrophilia or the company of Michael Jackson’s playmates, I believe Barack is safe from the tabloids.

Whom will Obama choose for vice president? That choice can cinch the presidency for him or put his momentum deep in the ooze. Does McCain have a chance against Obama? Yep, although I fear the “red” and “blue” states are going to be even more acrimonious towards each other than during the last two presidential elections. Whom will McCain select for vice president? The right VP choice could nullify Obama; the wrong choice will deify Obama. Some offer that Condalisa Rice or Colin Powell as a running mate for McCain could make this election year super historic. If Cactus John chooses some little known dweeb, call this election as finished, he can kiss his last fat campaign baby and just go back home. Currently, many of the independent voters are leaning toward Obama. McCain needs a big magnet to pull the swing voters over to his side of the fence. One on one, I feel Obama has it over McCain in popularity. This could become a battle of the better VP.

Will the election be close enough to be decided by hanging chads? Anything is possible. In that case, we will find out which candidate’s chad hangs the lowest.

Who is my choice for President of the United States? Quite simply, my vote is up for sale. At this point in my life, my decisions are all strictly mercenary.

Now, who will start the bidding?

James A. Zachary Jr.

1 comment:

Steve said...

With the current mood of the country, I think that the Democrats could nominate anyone who can exhale warm air and win the presidential election this year. If the economy slides into recession before November, even exhalation may be moot.

But they've managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory before.