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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Entry for March 04, 2008

You have heard it on the radio and you have read about it; in the USA, one person in one hundred is currently behind bars. That is unacceptable. Our government is failing us. There should be no less than five people in one hundred behind bars. We need more prisons, and we need to make sure they are big enough to house all of the nutballs that just cannot get it into their heads that becoming part of polite society is not optional. Lock them all up, lose the key; I don’t want them on my streets. Do not blame me for their failing to behave. I do not accept the “bad environment” argument. Lock up all of the criminals and there will be no “bad environment” for kids. Prisons provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Consider my tax dollar as a benevolent contribution to a new and better environment; teach them proper behavior while they are behind bars. There is one small window prior to prison in which to teach good etiquette. Throughout all of their years in schools, we must barrage young people with what is legal and ethical, and we must do it AS PART OF THE SCHOOL CURRICULUM! Each year it must be reviewed in great detail. There should be no doubt in any young adults mind about whether or not stealing a car is a crime. Reading, writing, and arithmetic is not making it happen. Teaching a child right and wrong is NOT teaching religion. Until society teaches what needs to be learned, and people choose to learn those lessons, we will deal with bigger and better prisons.

Yep, that reads pretty well. Hope members of the parole board don’t read it until long after my hearing.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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