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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Entry for March 05, 2008

Meteorologist John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, wants Al Gore sued for the fraud of global warming.  <--- link is dead

Debate is good. Science is good. Ideas are good. Messianic zealotry is bad, on either side of any coin. We need knowledge, not saviors. Al Gore and many others are prophets for profit. They look more for what will add to their own legacy than to the legacy of humankind. Yes, I have become a contemptuous curmudgeon. If I ever see a politician who is not a pimp, then I will believe in miracles.

Speaking of zealots, some health departments and other government agencies in Illinois say they need MORE MONEY to deal with the high number of complaints regarding violations of the statewide smoking ban. Nope, sorry, kiss my lab-rat-white ass. You freaking antismoking jihadists created these laws; you make them work with existing resources. I cannot wait to hear the complaints about the loss of tobacco tax revenue. By the way, I haven’t had any smoke in over two months, and the last drink I had was New Year’s Eve. You sinners had better repent or I won’t let your collective asses into Heaven.

Soon to be sainted,

James A. Zachary Jr.

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