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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Entry for April 06, 2008

Thanks again to everyone that peeks in on this blog. My apologies, entries will again be hit or miss for a while, this time due to some medical issues. Last Thursday at 3:30 AM, my stomach again decided to try to nuke me to death. All of us can deal with pain; none of us can deal with agonizing pain. This pain is like a road-flare burning inside my stomach. This is my third such attack in two years; the one prior to this one was just last Labor Day weekend. I missed my follow-up medical tests set for last fall because of Mom becoming ill. Obviously, those tests are now my top priority, the pain is louder this time and lasting longer. There was some urgency for me to have a CT Scan last week, but the hospital pointed out that my health insurance approval was for the CT Scan, and my personal physician signed an order-form for an MRI. I am hoping they have it all worked out by Monday morning, else I will need to make some more road trips and phone calls. Another of the tests will be the endoscope down the throat into the stomach and beyond. I will need to make an appointment with a new gastroenterologist for that, my old gastroenterologist and his affiliate hospital no longer deal with my health insurance company. One step at a time; Doctor Deepthroat will wait until after the CT Scan problems are resolved. For now, Ultracet has me fuzzed out, and my gut gets plenty of healing pills a couple of times a day.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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