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Monday, April 28, 2008

Entry for April 28, 2008

I am an independent voter, I try to do my homework as best as I can, and my voting record would probably cast me as a conservative.

Elections have always been fickle affairs. The USA is a free country, we all hope it remains that way, and if people want to vote for the candidate that is the tallest, best looking, has the most hair, and is white and protestant, more power to them. If you are tired of the race barrier and feel that it is important to have a black for President of the United States, fair enough, vote your heart. Tired of the gender barrier and want a woman President? That is not a problem for me either; your reasons for voting are sacred. For me the nagging question is always credentials, experience, integrity, and fortitude. Who is the one person best to answer the emergency calls at 3:00 A.M.? The past two presidential elections offered lightweights. With the arguable exception of John McCain, the choices now are lighter still.

Just as a scenario, let me join the ranks of those who want to break the presidential race and gender barriers. I do think there is a person that is better choice than is any current candidate. That person is CURRENTLY answering the international emergency 3:00 A.M. phone calls, that person is both female and black; her name is Condoleezza Rice. Nobody can ever claim she came from privileged beginnings, nobody can say she did not earn all that she possesses or has achieved. Click on the link below to read her profile, which I find both impressive and inspiring.

If you are one who “clings to your gun,” click on the link below to read her views. During some of the darkest history of this country, her father used a gun to stand down nightriders.

There you have it, the skin color, and the gender, along with the credentials, the experience, and the guts. I think Cactus John McCain can put this election away by choosing Condoleezza Rice for Vice President, and I believe it would be a great service to this country if he did. John McCain is no spring chicken, and I can sleep nights with Condoleezza Rice being one heartbeat away from being President of the United States. Should events mandate that she take the helm, I could sleep nights with Condoleezza Rice as President of the United States. She has the potential to be one of the greatest in our history.

Hope to see you all at the polls in November.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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