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Monday, May 5, 2008

Entry for May 05, 2008

It is confusing to most, including to me, but the correct name for Yahoo! includes that darn exclamation mark. I try to write the name as the corporation intended.

Microsoft does many things right, but their internet business is not one of them. Yahoo! at one time had a clue, but they lost it long ago. Adding those two giants together would still equal ZERO.

Yahoo! is famous for buying companies they think they can make money on, only to ultimately throw those entities into the trash. I just received a long anticipated email from Yahoo! stating that they will no longer be offering to host websites via their
GeoCities or via their Small Business plans. Supposedly my site will still be supported, but we all know what that “promise and kiss” leads too. My guess is they will soon ask for more money, and require that I upgrade to owning my own webhosting business. Not a freaking chance. I have been a loyal customer to Yahoo!. They have not been loyal to me, and I intend on seeing that they see very few of my dollars in the future.

Like I said earlier, I have anticipated Yahoo! doing this for months and have already done some preparation. Since my personal website and this blog now are clearly in jeopardy, I will need to finish the initiative and move things elsewhere.

My first move will be to finish breaking this blog from Yahoo!. I have already ported 60 of the 100 posts from this blog over to
parallel blog on Google Blogger. Once I have moved everything over, I will break the blog totally away from Yahoo!. Once that is complete, I will decide what to do with my personal website and the genealogy pages.

Thanks for hanging in there. I’d hate to lose the few readers that I have.

James A. Zachary Jr,

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