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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Entry for May 07, 2008

My esophagogastroduodenoscopy exam was this morning. In brief, they anesthetized me and proceeded to shove a camera down my throat, through my stomach, into the dark beyond. You are not supposed to remember anything that happened during the procedure, but I swear I heard one of the nurses shouting, “Take it ALL you bastard!”

So far, the news is good; I have
gastritis, which is manageable. The acid reflux and the years that I smoked apparently have done no visible damage to my esophagus. They took some tissue samples to check for abnormal cells, and for Helicobacter pylori bacteria that cause stomach problems such as ulcers. The doctor said my insides look good, and even gave me some photos. I decided not to post my insides for public viewing.

Years ago, I had bleeding ulcers that would come and go. Happily, they have not returned. They say I need to live a nice bland life and eat nice bland food in order to keep hellbelly from returning.

Got Milk?

James A. Zachary Jr.

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