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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Entry for May 22, 2008

Thanks once again for checking in. Hope all is fine in your world.

On May 19, 2008, this blog turned one year old. That year went by in a rush. I think I know why many people do not want to retire. While working, time drags on forever so it seems like you are living forever. When you are retired there is more enjoyment in your life so time goes by more quickly; you see the end of your days approaching at a faster rate but you are having too much fun to care. I’ll stick with retirement. Do I miss the people I used to work with? I sure do, they all were great people. Do I miss my old job? Not even for a freaking nanosecond.

Last year, in the blog entry of May 23, 2007, I declared my intent to kick my taste for demon tobacco by Memorial Day. I did not make that goal. Here we are again hastening up on Memorial Day and it has been four months since my last cigar. Will I ever smoke again? I do love quality cigars so I'll probably sin again, but for now, I’ll just chomp on demon nicotine gum when the chemical dependency urges hit. I think it has been around a dozen years since I had a cigarette.

Today I saw the new Indiana Jones movie. Same old stuff as the other movies in the series, but this time there were more wrinkles in Harrison Ford than in the plot. For me, the movie was worth the admission price.

The bills are rolling in from my latest medical misadventures. Bills come in for deductibles, copayments, gratuities, and other portions of the services that insurance decided not to cover. Bills come from doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, parking attendants, and janitors. Holy craps, I better adjust the medical portion of the budget by another couple of grand a year just to fund these mystery fees. For this amount of money, the least they could have done was throw in some free liposuction, enough to make me as wrinkly as Harrison Ford.

Have a magnificent, and safe, Memorial Day weekend. See you at the gas pump.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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