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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Entry for June 12, 2008

As soon as I think YAHOO! cannot suck any worse, they prove me WRONG! I am humbled by their suckiness.

My YAHOO! blogsite hosted from my personal webpage is dropping error messages and will not come up most of the time.

I changed the link on my personal webpage to pull up my GOOGLE BLOGGER site. Compared to Yahoo!, Google almost does not suck at all.

So far, those that access my blog from Yahoo! 360 can still get in (Hi Paula!)

For those that are still trying to go directly to my Yahoo! blogsite directly, I have no way to notify them what is going on. I may try to redirect the URL.

I hate to lose any of the few readers that I have. For those that may get through to the Yahoo! version of this blog, please please please switch your settings to go to

Yahoo!, you really do suck.

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