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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shepard Chevrolet

The 1999 GMC van went in for service today. Barring bad luck, it should now be ready to do what it does best, which is to carry me through bad winter weather.

Shepard Chevrolet in Lake Bluff, Illinois had mailed me some coupons that I put to good use, such as the one for a free loaner car. Almost all of the service I had them do on the van was at discount coupon prices. Even though they are a Chevy dealer, they will service anything made by General Motors. They have done good work for me on my Cobalt, which I have had since it was new in 2005, so I decided to give them a shot at the old GMC.

Their service department still knows how to use a grease gun, and they know how to go through everything on the customers list without trying to sell extras. For example, when I was at Sears recently getting my battery replaced (twice), they tried to sell me a new serpentine belt, saying the one on the GMC was old and cracked. Serpentine belts are big moneymakers for quickie oil-change franchises. The belt looked fine to me, so I decided to put it on the list for the mechanics at Shepard Chevrolet to check; they said the belt was just fine. I also trust the service staff at Shepard to tell me if they find something critically wrong with the vehicle that I have overlooked.

My one disappointment with Shepard Chevrolet is that they got the work done on the van excessively fast. The loaner car they gave me was a
2006 Chevy Trailblazer with only 26,000 miles on it, and I was relishing the ride. Darn, that was a nice, comfortable, vehicle. It really fed my desire to move on from the old van into something newer. Smooth ride, plenty of power, quiet, plenty of room, four wheel drive. The gas mileage is lower than I would like, but not much worse than the van. I am sure the gas mileage would have been better if I had quit leaning on the accelerator so hard. Ah well, barring the unforeseen, the old van will have to do for maybe another year or so.

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