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Friday, October 3, 2008


The fatheads in Washington passed the BAILOUT bill today. Somehow, the press was coerced into renaming it the “financial rescue plan,” in lockstep with the politicians. Rescue plan my ass; it was a damn BAILOUT for a big bunch of screwed up institutions. It does not do a damn thing for you or me. There was a GLARING lack of legislation in the BAILOUT to eliminate sub-prime loans and credit swaps. Instead of paying for a tanker load of water, politicians chose to put out a fire by throwing paper money at it. Nice job, morons.

Congress passed a funding bill for
Amtrak on October 1. Amtrak is now a popular “idea” since it moves more people for less fossil fuel than do cars, and ridership sharply increased when the price of gasoline was at its peak. Senator Obama voted for the bill, Senator McCain voted against it. Jeez, McCain, can you give me one freaking reason I should vote for you? Your “pro-gun” record is hardly sterling, and now you stand out as “anti-Amtrak.” I am an independent voter that is on the conservative side. I cannot find a party to identify with; too many Republicans are far to the right of the Taliban, and too many Democrats are far to the left of Lenin. Amtrak is but a drop in Washington’s red inkwell, and Amtrak provides super service, a service vital to our economy, and vital to homeland security. REPUBLICANS, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? AMTRAK IS A GOOD THING!

Ah well, onto matters more mundane. Have you ever wondered why some people don’t retire when they get the chance, or why many of those who do retire run back to the workforce in very short order? Quite simply, a job is an excuse to keep people from doing those endless household chores they have put off for so many years. After putting in a sixty-hour workweek cleaning the garage and painting exterior house trim, you are nowhere near being finished and nobody is handing you a paycheck for your efforts. Still, I’d rather be here than there, doing this rather than doing that. The weather has been great this fall, most days perfect for outside work.

Thinking ahead to winter, my Toro snow blower has had ten years of heavy use, so I am watching the sales for an opportunity to pick up a new one, something a little wider and with a bit more horsepower. I doubt global warming will be enough to keep my driveway clear this winter.

Thanks for stopping by.

James A. Zachary Jr.

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