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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Common Sense Gun Laws

There is a “run on guns” currently underway due to citizens fearing that anti-gun politicians will soon have enough power to pass every anti-gun law imaginable. Inadvertently, the pending administration has given a needed boost to the economy by sparking the sales of guns, ammo, and high capacity magazines.

Obviously, I am one of many against our government passing laws that will make criminals out of law-abiding citizens

The gun laws having the most common sense would read:
A) Law-abiding people may purchase and possess any gun they choose.
B) Criminals cannot purchase or possess guns.
C) Go to A

According to the definitions that I have read in some drafts of “common sense gun laws,” my .
54-caliber Hawken muzzle-loading rifle would be banned, as would shotguns using slugs. Often the people preaching “common sense” possess absolutely none.

If you are a shooter and you have never fired black powder firearms, I recommend that you try it. It is fun, loud, somewhat dirty, and very educational.
Black powder has roots going back long before the beginnings of our great nation. Once all of the “common sense” gun and ammo laws have passed, small-bore black powder firearms may be all we will have left for hunting and home defense. Then again, our elected officials may find it to be “common sense” to ban them too. Your vote counts.


David from England said...

Hailing from overseas, your friendly neighbour "Britain".
Put simply, you guys have it good. The need for firearms for home and self defense is a right that should never be taken away simply because of a minority fear. Vigilance is the only defense against the domestic threat you are currently up against, which can be utilised with such unions as the NRA or GOA etc.

I wish our country would realise its shortcomings and our inalienable rights. Until then there will be ever increasing regulations and surveillance, a reversal on the old saying " I carry a firearm because a copper is too heavy".

God Bless the constitution.

"Zack" said...

David, your comments put a big smile on my face. In fact, I'm going to "cut and paste" it as my next blog entry. I only wish that every freedom lover in the U.K could join us here in America ... and that every one of our freedom-fearing liberals could be shipped to a land that deserves them.

Jesse said...

Just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog quite a lot! That is a very fine M6 you have! I just wanted to chip in my two cents. I am a passionate "lefty" through and through. Yet for the life of me I cannot get my head around so-called "gun-control." What does it accomplish? We look at the record of countries that have unarmed their citizens and armed criminals, hows that going australia? But what I do want to say is this: this need not be a cut and dry "left" vs. "right" argument. I know plenty of lefties like me who own firearms, and plenty of righties who do not. Its a politcal scheme, democrats praying on the fears of those who do not understand and appreciate firearms saying. . . "oh guns... scary, if you let guns be owned by people, they will kill people with them." Bad logic. . . cars are just as lethal (and take life more often, with less reason) as firearms yet politicans are not screaming for their control as there is no political upside. Its just a big scare tactic that gets votes, liberals are guilty conservatives are guilty (watching fox news one would have thought the world would end in Obama was elected. . . interesting that we are all still here huh?). I'm tried of the baseless lies in ALL of politics not just left or right.

Well. . . thats my two cents. I will keep owning firearms, not because it is my RIGHT, and not as an FU to the govt, but because I love to shoot.

"Zack" said...

Jesse, first I want to thank you for the kind words about the blog. Second, your two cents will always be very welcome here.

Party-line voting means nothing here in the great Banana Republic of Illinois. There are as many Republican gun-haters as there are Democrat gun-haters. Republican politicians are arrested for corruption as often as the Democrats.

We need to recognize and support those who support our rights, regardless of their affiliations.

Great to have you here! Thanks for stopping in.


Anonymous said...

Interesting thread, and as a Massachusetts resident, I have to deal with some of the harshest gun laws in the country. I also live in Boston, which has extra "hoops" to just through to get a permit, and even at that, it's restricted to target use only..."no concealed carry."
I too however, am a hardcore democrat, but fail to see the logic in restricting my mags to 10 rounds, or not allowing me to buy Glocks, and many other ridiculous "consumer protection" laws.
I feel that these are unfair and unconstitutional laws, but they may be here to stay, and they may deepen as the years pass. I hate to be a stereotypical gun "fanatic" and try to buy as many as I can, while I can...but I'm not sure I can classify myself as anything else.
Apologies for being long winded on your page, but I've read through a number of your blogs, and have learned much both from you, and others in their posted responses.

"Zack" said...

Anonymous, you are welcome to be as long-winded here as you would like. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. In Illinois, we have pro-gun Democrat politicians as well as anti-gun Republican politicians... and NO concealed carry at all.

Thanks for stopping by,


abprosper said...

I think a common sense gun law might be even looser than that.

Unless you are in the custody of the state (i.e not on probation, parole, in custody, under psychiatric probation) you may own and transport any firearm you wish. You may also carry arms if you wish but any individual property owner may restrict this as needed.

The reason i favor allowing former criminals to carry guns is simple

#1 It prevents punishment after the fact. You did your time, now move on.

#2 It keeps the state from needing to look at the activities of people not in its custody. It negates the need for pointless background checks that anyone with any shady connections can easily circumvent.

#3 It makes a right a right. Gun control (outside of the limited circumstances I mentioned turns a civil and human right into a privilege and worse makes us gun rights people, HCI Lite.

#4 It stops the felony/Domestic Violence railroad. Its extremely easy to pick up a "case" in some states (FREX carrying too short a stick of wood in California can do it) and even easier to use those laws to disarm the poor and minority population as a social control. This reduces that option.

better to have as few laws as possible.

Anonymous said...

Here in Connecticut gun laws are getting worse every year..If someone started a fight with you & you punched him in the nose (in self defence).You could be charged with 3rd degree assault and lose all your guns to confiscation!!! If anyone tells the police you may be a danger to the public ,or yourself the police here can take your guns.You have to fight to get them back,even if it is based on lie's.....GLEN

Anonymous said...

In Conecticut my cousin was assalted by a angry road rager & had his cell phone slapped out of his hand as he tried to dial 911.(He was unarmed). He shoved the Assailant to the ground in self defence & tried to get back in to his car to get away. My cousin was punched out before he could close the door. He was going to press charges But did not when a cop he knew told him if he did, the perp would press charges & the perp had a witness.This would be 3rd degree assalt & my cousin would LOOSE all rights to own a gun in C.T. .. Glen

Gerald James Hollis said...

Seriously, you folks need to move to New Hampshire. Only a short commute to Mass and you don't need a license to carry. Course, if you'd like to carry concealed that'll cost you 10 bucks and about a two weeks wait.

Anonymous said...

This blue state left-wing CCP holder (yes, we do exist!) agrees with you 100%

Anonymous said...

Aalpha from Blighty.

We have gun law's over here in Britain just one the stupid one.

If you obey the law you aren’t having a gun. the best we can get away with when someone points there piece at us is pull out our paint gun and plaster them with the hope they cant wash the paint off before someone identifies them.

Over here also we have a large quantity of laws protecting the criminal’s rites!!!! This to confuses me because it seems there is a lack of laws protecting the victims rites. As a victim we are free to get mugged raped shot stabbed kicked punched robbed etc etc the list is huge yet as a victim even if we know the criminal we actually would be breaking the law telling anyone who they are i really don’t understand the law on so many fronts because the law's that are set only damage the freedom and the rites of the law abiding.


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