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Monday, May 18, 2009

2.5'' Colt Diamondback .38 Special

Pictured above is a 2.5’’ Colt Diamondback .38 Special which left the factory in 1976.

Bill Shumate made the custom gun case that is in the photo. He has done two boxes for me and should I ever need another, Bill will be the man. Great old guns deserve to rest in great cases.

Manufactured between 1966 and 1988, the Diamondback was the premium D-Frame Colt revolver of the line, and was available in .38 Special, .22 LR, and .22 Magnum. Barrel length options were 2.5’’, 4’’, and 6’’. The Diamondback appears to be a smaller version of the popular Python, a great marketing move on Colt’s part. Colt should resurrect this revolver; the future is ready for a return to the past. Concealed carry is in need of some class and I can picture no .38 caliber revolver classier than the Diamondback.

Yes, I do shoot this revolver on occasion, but only with standard pressure 125-grain loads. It can handle +P loads but they do accelerate wear and I want this sweet old piece to last beyond my years. It is not on my “active list” of guns used for home protection, although it is more than adequate for that task.

Click here for a short Chuck Hawks article on the Colt Diamondback.

Click here to read Xavier’s Colt Diamondback range report.

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Albert A Rasch said...

Nice piece, and nice boxes too!


"Zack" said...

Many thanks, Albert. It's always nice to have to stop by.

none said...

Colt makes some attractive revolvers.

I only have one. It's a 1902 Colt New Army .38 special. It's in perfect mechanical condition and shoots like a dream...I think it was being touted for military use but the Smith and Wesson victory model won out.

"Zack" said...

A sound New Army is a very rare bird. Most of them that I run across have been used as a hammer (no offense). I hope Colt someday resumes making a line of DA revolvers ... the supply of old ones in good condition is drying up.

Jason said...

WOW! Great looking Colt!!

"Zack" said...

Thanks, Jason. It's not 100%, but it was as nice as I could find at the time. It was at the upper end of what I was willing to pay.

Ed said...

I had a Colt Diamondback with the 4 inch barrel thirty years ago. Slickest revolver I ever fired, single or double action. You could hit a playing card at 25 feet with 6 out of 6 rounds handheld, or consistently hit the 10 oval on a human silhouette target.

Anonymous said...

I am looking for an ejector rod head for a diamondback's the 21/2 inch barrel....anybody help me out, I would really appreciate it, Thanx, Q-dog

Anonymous said...

I am looking for a concealement holster to carry a colt 2 1/2 like this one. Does anyone know where and the name I can buy one at.

"Zack" said...

Lefty Lewis over at Bell Charter Oak may be able to help. Not many makers do Colt revolvers anymore.

Anonymous said...

Vega shoulder holster works great. Contact I believe it is model 115 (S&W model k 2.5 inch). Any S&W k model holster makes a perfect fit for the diamonback and the gun comes out real smooth. I know this comment probably comes too late.

ET1813 said...

Dude, that is a sweet sweet gun! My favorite colt that and the Detective Specials. Man I can't wait til I get me a nickel one and a blued one. I wouldn't shoot it much either. If colt did come out with a new one though, unfortunately it would probably be another turd like their new "Cobra" which is ugly as shit to me. I heard they may remake the Python but pictures I've seen look HORRIBLE!! I'd just rather they left it alone than fuck up a classic like S&W has. They have their "classic" line, but all of them have locks and internal firing pins which is not really very classic. They are better than the other things they are making but they are by no means classic. They are just reminiscent of classic guns. This is a tragedy to me. They should just reproduce them exactly as they were in the late 70's OR make some exactly like they were in the 50's, make some like the 60's versions some from the 70's and some from the 80's.this way you can have a wide range of different features like flat latches, diamonds on the screw hole., pinned barrels, recessed cylinders and get to pick which one you like most. THAT would be amazing and they would get all my extra money. As it stands, only people getting my money are those who are selling these old guns. I had no idea there was a 2w Magnum Diamondback. Are you sure of this? I knew of the 22lr, but never heard about the 22 mag ever. That would be cool, just wondering I'd you've confirmed that or maybe someone had theirs drilled out to make it into a 2w mag much like how people have taken old Smith 32lc revol era and turned them into 32 h&r mags or 32 mags into 327 mags?

"Zack" said...

I was going by memory and THOUGHT that I seen them advertised as such years ago ... searching via the web, maybe my memory isn't so pretty good ;)

The URL below (you'll have to copy and paste) is to a forum thread on the topic.

I DID RECENTLY see one for sale in person ... I did not confirm that it was real ... asking price was $4,000

Good question! Thanks!

Unknown said...

There were some in 22 mag. The advertisement you are probably thinking of feature a Colt Trooper which were available in 22 Mag. Seriously heavy for a rim fire. Larger frame than the Diamondback. Diamondback was made in .22LR and .38 Special. Barrel lengths were 2.5", 4" and 6". Finish was Blue or Nickel.

If you want one to shoot they can be bought for under $1,000.00 Od stock new in box are showing asking prices over $2,000. Empty boxes are listed for $250.00 +. Original wood grips when they can be found are usually priced at about $300.00. Late production models came from the factory with Pacmeyers.


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