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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Winchester Model 70

I no longer subscribe to any outdoors, guns, hunting, or fishing magazines; the internet satisfies most of my information lust. Receiving a monthly copy of the American Rifleman magazine is one of the perks of being a National Rifle Association member. Traditionally, the American Rifleman has featured some very good writers. The January 2010 issue has a great John Barsness article (available to the public online here) about the Winchester Model 70 rifle. If you grew up reading the Jack O’Connor articles in Outdoor Life, there is a good chance you dreamed of someday prowling the mountainsides while toting a Winchester Model 70.

Many purists will hold the following confession as an apostasy; my sole Model 70 is a post 1964 push feed and is a .30-06 instead of a .270.



Arthur B. Burnett said...

Greetings from Falls County,
I can't throw rocks Zack, I don't have one at all. My major firearms interest are Old West and Military - World War Two back. Having said that I have a room full of rifles that will handle any varment I come across that needs shooting.
I decided a long time ago if I were to get rifle intended for hunting it would be something that would drop anything I was likly to encounter on this planet.
The day I look for that weapon it will be a bold action chambered for .375 Holland and Holland. I have read about folks hunting just about every big game animal you can think of with this round and they all seem pleased. As for the rifle, if memory serves me correctly I think Winchester builds the model 70 in that caliber. I don't think I could do much better.

Brad from PA said...

I own two Model 70's. One I inherited from my father who purchased it after being discharged after WWII and one I purchased in 1976. The old gun has the claw extractor (Winchester calls it the controlled round feed system) whatever, and the other is of the push feed type with the bolt mounted extractor and ejector. Both are in 30-06. I do not believe that you could own a better rifle than a Model 70. I have a hunting partner who has a Kimber, which I call a tribute to the Model 70. It's exactly like my 70's. i also call his Kimber a stollen design. He tells me that the Model 70 design was stollen from Mauser in the form of the model 54 and improved on to create the Model 70. That may be so, but the 70 has been around about 50 years longer than the Kimber and will be around long after Kimber is a memory. Both 70's are supurbly accurate and have never failed. Burnett says he would buy one in 375 H&H. Great, you won't be sorry and you'll only feel over gunned if you use it on whitetails in Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with the Model 70 you have. I've had several like that. Right now I have two of the SC made rifles (.270 Win and .243 Win) and have a .338 Alaskan shortly to come home as well. They are all great and while I prefer the controlled feed the push feed is also reliable as I'm sure you've found out.


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