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Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you don’t vote, it is my ever-humble opinion that YOU SUCK!


My goodness, that was rather mean of me to say. Please accept my apologies for polluting this kinder, gentler, blog site; I must be suffering from early onset grumpy-old-man syndrome. You have every right not to vote; legally, nobody can force you to cast a ballot. It’s just that voting is how our system of government works. Now, please notice that I didn’t imply that you sucked if you voted Democrat, Republican, Communist, Green, or Libertarian; heck, choices are also part of our system. I only meant to opine (and there is always a chance that I could be wrong) that YOU SUCK if you don’t vote at all.

You have every right to gripe in public; that is a constitutionally protected right. However, if you bellyache about everything and do not vote, not only is there a chance that YOU SUCK, there also is a possibility that YOU ARE AN INSUFFERABLE ASSHOLE.



Murphyfish said...

Well put Zach,
Griping by folk who don't bother to vote is insufferable, oh and they suck big time.

Steve said...

There might actually be something worse than not voting, and that's casting a completely uninformed vote. A friend sent me an email recently describing someone who had voted early because she happened to be taking someone to vote, and who said that she had no idea who any of the candidates were but she voted for so-and-so because she recognized his name. Probably the reason that she recognized his name was recent articles about how he had lied about his crimes in office.

Perhaps it should go without saying that a bit of research on who to vote for is expected before voting, but I am afraid that a lot of the votes that are cast are from people who are completely clueless on who they're voting for. So which is worse . . . not voting at all, or picking arbitrary lines on the ballot based on recognizing the person's name?

Pumice said...

I vote for Steve. It is a growing feeling that I have that I should not encourage most of the people I know to vote. They tend to be ignorant and quite happy that way. If they voted it would be the way the the talking heads on TV told them to vote instead of doing any reading and thinking. Do they "suck"? Sure, but so does a vacuum cleaner and it still has its uses.

I enjoy your blog.