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Monday, November 21, 2011

EnGarde introduces ballistic blanket

(Zack note: The following is a product announcement from EnGarde.  As gunnie bloggers, we often consider many ways to put holes into the bad guys but rarely do we consider ways to prevent folks from putting holes into us.)

The EnGarde body armor Ballistic Bomb Blanket is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of ballistic protective equipment we offer.  Our bomb blankets provide personnel and property with Level IIIA protection from small explosive devices and grenade fragments in a convenient, lightweight package that can be deployed quickly and easily in a variety of threat situations.   

Designed for use by either unskilled personnel or EOD/IOD technicians, ballistic bomb blankets can be used in an almost infinite number of ways to protect personnel and property.  Our bomb blanket has a variety of heavy duty web straps and connectors that can be used to hang the blanket over windows and interior spaces or secure it around suspected explosive devices or equipment you want to protect from shrapnel.
Bomb blankets are one of the most cost effective and easy ways to provide extra protection to crew areas of a ship or industrial facility by quickly deploying the blankets to create "safe areas" for personnel. It's also possible to use the blankets to temporarily reinforce areas of a ship, such as the bridge and wheelhouse, which frequently contain a lot of glass and are particularly susceptible to high speed fragments. 

Our lightweight, highly portable ballistic bomb blankets are specifically designed to be quickly and easily secured over windows, doors, and walls. They can quickly be deployed in almost any high risk situation including executive security, perimeter defense, and other personnel and equipment security needs. 

Our bomb blankets are constructed from multiple layers of the latest Dyneema SB-71 fiber. The layers of Dyneema SB-71 are then carefully sealed into a 100 percent waterproof PVC cover. The PVC cover is then put into an heavy duty outside shell made of Nomex III Steel fabric, composed of 99 percent Nomex III and 1 percent steel. The outer shell of EnGarde's ballistic blankets is resistant to fire, abrasion, and chemicals. Our blankets are made with 12 straps with loopholes making it easy to attach the bomb blanket in a variety of scenarios. Compare that with our low-quality competitors that provide only corner straps.
This product has helped our customers secure ships, cars, trucks, planes, helicopters and industrial facilities. Due to the light weight and versatile construction, our bomb blankets are ready to be deployed any time the situation warrants, whether it be securing the bridge of a freighter traveling off the coast of Somalia or for adding a extra layer of protection to personnel quarters. 

Ballistic material: Dyneema SB-71
Protection Level: NIJ Level IIIA / V50 17 grain steel fragment @ 542 m/s
Size: 63" x 63" / 160 cm x 160 cm
Weight: Approximately 25 lbs / 11 kg
Inside cover: sealed waterproof PVC
Outside cover: NOMEX III Steel fabric
Color: Black

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