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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My old printer is back in business

Circa 2007, I bought an HP Photosmart C4180 all-in-one printer-scanner-copier, mainly for use with my Toshiba laptop.  It only saw light use and quit printing about three years back.   The analytics showed plenty of ink in the cartridges and never kicked out an error message; cleaning the print heads made no difference so I was not certain what was wrong.  Except for scanning old photos, the printer sat fallow in my basement “office” for quite some time.

My need for a working printer spiked recently when I decided to fight my property tax assessment.  I was faced with buying a new printer if I could not restore the old HP to working order.  Today I decided to resolve the issue by first seeing if I could get the old printer to connect with my fairly new MacBook Pro.  Heh!  As soon as I hooked it up, the Mac asked if I wanted to download the necessary software and I answered “Heck yes!”  A few minutes later, I could scan photos and documents but the printer still refused to print.  On an act of faith, I shopped a couple of local stores for the best price on both the black and color ink cartridges.  Yikes!  Combined, they cost about half of what I originally paid for the old printer and around one-third of what I would pay for a new printer.  Being a bit of a cheapskate, I took the gamble; once installed in the old printer these new cartridges would be non-refundable.  Voila!  The new cartridges did the trick and I can now proceed unhindered.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Get well soon Jesse Jackson Junior

Another Illinois politician is feeling the heat.  Our very own “Triple-J” is taking a medical leave of absence.  Perhaps an extended stay in the federal cooler with erstwhile Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich will cure what ails him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Matt Del Fatti convertible pocket / inside the waistband J-Frame carry

A great holster maker needs to have years of experience carrying the guns he makes holsters for, he needs to be an artist with an obsession for details, and he needs to be a psychic and instinctively know what his customers want and need.

I really like the looks of this holster and now have one motoring its way to my door.  For me, it is not so much that this holster is convertible to pocket carry (I already have a few of Matt’s PH3s for J-Frames; left hand, right hand, different colors, etc.), but I have long felt that the Del Fatti PH3 pattern would be great for inside the waistband if an artisan could position the clips perfectly.  Voila, today I see such a creation listed “in stock” at his website.  Matt Del Fatti never fails to exceed all expectations.

If you are going to shove a handgun inside your waistband, purse, or pocket, a well-designed holster is essential for safety and comfort.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Illinois FOID renewal card arrived today

I am no longer a felon; I can again legally possess all of the guns and ammo that I own.

My FOID was set to expire on June 1 so I wanted to get my renewal processed early.  On Monday, April 2, I processed the form and photo at GAT Guns; they said they would mail it with the others at the end of the week.  Let us be charitable and assume that the Illinois State Police did not receive that bundle of mail until Monday, April 16; it took them over two months to process and mail my renewal.

If my experience is typical, you can expect a wait of bit over eight weeks for your FOID to arrive.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Carry permit holder shoots a hole through penis

Yessireebob, this APPEARS to be (the article makes no mention of a holster) another case of an un-holstered handgun (Glock for this incident) tucked inside a waistband.  That .40 caliber slug blasted right through the man’s fleshy little obstacle and went on to lodged in his leg.  The man had a carry permit; he was legal. 

One of the main functions of a holster is to protect a handgun’s trigger from getting an inadvertent yank from a finger, shirttail, jacket drawstring, etc.  Carrying any un-holstered handgun in your waistband is courting a life changing experience. 

As long as you don’t injure / kill innocent folks or damage their property, I suppose you have a right to do any damn fool thing with a gun that you want.  It is too bad that these episodes make the responsible gunslingers look bad.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Limited Edition .25 ACP Baby available from PSA (Precision Small Arms)

The following came in via Email from PSA.

We have partnered with three of the industry's best to bring you something truly unique: Shiloh Sharps of Big Timber, Montana, Yurttas Gun Stock Blanks of Istanbul, Turkey, and Westley Richards of Birmingham, England. These world class companies have contributed their expertise to bring you a most handsome "Ash & Bone" color case hardened version of our classic PSA-25 pistol. Sporting hand polished, air dried walnut burl grips, a 24 karat gold plated trigger and two nickel plated magazines.  Ships with its own black or brown hand crafted Swedish leather zippered pouch. Only 500 of these beauties will be made. Deliveries start July 2012.  Call 970-390-5520 or email us at to reserve yours today with a $250 fully refundable deposit. Worldwide dealer inquiries welcome.


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