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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My old printer is back in business

Circa 2007, I bought an HP Photosmart C4180 all-in-one printer-scanner-copier, mainly for use with my Toshiba laptop.  It only saw light use and quit printing about three years back.   The analytics showed plenty of ink in the cartridges and never kicked out an error message; cleaning the print heads made no difference so I was not certain what was wrong.  Except for scanning old photos, the printer sat fallow in my basement “office” for quite some time.

My need for a working printer spiked recently when I decided to fight my property tax assessment.  I was faced with buying a new printer if I could not restore the old HP to working order.  Today I decided to resolve the issue by first seeing if I could get the old printer to connect with my fairly new MacBook Pro.  Heh!  As soon as I hooked it up, the Mac asked if I wanted to download the necessary software and I answered “Heck yes!”  A few minutes later, I could scan photos and documents but the printer still refused to print.  On an act of faith, I shopped a couple of local stores for the best price on both the black and color ink cartridges.  Yikes!  Combined, they cost about half of what I originally paid for the old printer and around one-third of what I would pay for a new printer.  Being a bit of a cheapskate, I took the gamble; once installed in the old printer these new cartridges would be non-refundable.  Voila!  The new cartridges did the trick and I can now proceed unhindered.


Steve said...

Good for you. I had the opposite experience - after investing the ridiculous amount in replacement ink cartridges, my printer still refused to print. So I bought a new one. It's a nice printer, but the ink is ridiculously expensive.


Toyota wanted $1700 to replace a dashboard when my SUV only needed a $130 speed sensor to correct all problemos. Glad my mailman is an honest and ace mechanic on the side...

Good for you and I hope you are victorious in your legal wranglings. There is no civility in the civil law...

Ruth said...

I got tired of replacing the dried out color cartridge on my inkjet every 8 months or so. I printed so little in color that it would dry out, and then the printer wouldn't function. Drove me nuts. I finally bought the cheapest (black only) laser printer I could find. Its awesome. Yes the cartridge costs more each, but I'm not spending useless money on a cartridge I never use...

Pumice said...

But I bet your really wanted to try the "get a bigger hammer" approach.

I have gone the route of Ruth. What do I need color for anyway. Color is like Trix, for kids.

Grace and peace.