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Friday, August 3, 2012

Five Years of Retirement

Five years ago today was the last full day of gainful employment in my middle-class life.  So far, retirement has gone as planned, notwithstanding our local, state, and federal government’s enthusiastic attempts to redistribute poverty.  

I’d be very honored if you all would CLICK HERE and read my one-year-of-retirement blog entry.  By golly, time sure does fly by.

Retirement was my destiny.  I was born lazy, with talent enough to be very successful at doing nothing at all worthwhile; kind of like Congress.

See you on the patio.


Steve said...

I'd say that as retirements go, you're a whole lot more productive than most. The ones I hate to see are the folks who retire and sit in front of the TV for a year or so, then they die. You illustrate the opposite.

Pumice said...

As a teacher I have annual glimpses of retirement. It is called summer vacation. It is really hard to go back to work after a summer off but my wife keeps scheduling surgery and she is too young for Medicare. I figure I will need to work at least until I am 70.

So I will keep paying taxes to pay for your retirement. You are welcome. I thank my kids every time they go to work because I remind them that I am lined up at the public trough sucking down those tax dollars.

Since you don't have anything else to do, how about a few more of those gun reviews?

Grace and peace.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Pumice; please enlighten me on how YOUR taxes are paying as much as a single penny for my retirement. Neither my wife nor I will be taking any Social Security for another 6-years. We are both too young; she is 55-years-old and I am 60. Our non-union pension system is super-solvent and NOT in need of a bailout; further, it was funded in large part by employee contributions and well managed. Our health insurance is not subsidized by anyone; coverage can hardly be called “Cadillac,” and cost me over $14,000 out of my pocket this year for the two of us. My wife’s 401-type system and mine never received a penny of matching funds from our employers; all the money in those funds were from our pennies and what those pennies managed to earn.


You da man, Zach!

Pumice said...

I must say you have done it the right way. I have done the math and even with my wife's frequent medical issues we would still have been ahead if we had been allowed to do it our way: Major medical and saving the excess. Unfortunately that option was not open to us. We would all be better off without all this socialism. It will get worse before it gets better.

Grace and peace.