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Thursday, December 26, 2013

You may be a redneck if the top of the washing machine is where you carve the holiday turkey

Christmas eve was good; the five-sons of our loving, late, Tennessee born and raised parents (along with a number of our respective family members) met at the house where we all grew up.  It is a small, three-bedroom, northern Illinois, Eisenhower era ranch home, no basement, with the most compact rooms imaginable; it sure does not take a great number of visitors to qualify as a crowd.  The kitchen is so small that we carve the turkey on top of the washing machine in the adjacent utility room before moving it to the kitchen table (which is large enough to act as a serving table but too small for us to also sit at for dining).  This house was Mom and Dad’s American Dream House; compared to what my parents knew as children, this house was luxury, something that they slaved to purchase and maintain.  They did it for their children, and their children still appreciate, and honor, their love and courage. 

During our formative years when guests would stay overnight, we kids eagerly gave up our bunk beds for the adventure of improvised sleeping arrangements, with one of us on blankets spanning the tops of the washer and dryer (me usually opting for a tent in the backyard).  Others slept on the floor.

We share many good memories when we all get together and those are the best gifts of all.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

All my Christmas preparations are finished for this year

I have gift giving down to a script that I keep on my computer; everybody on my list gets the same thing every year; they all get cash with a greeting card inside an envelope adorned with a gay little bow.  Some get more cash than others do but they all get the same thing; cash, money, currency, dinero, call it what you will, but it saves me from wasting my time buying crap that nobody likes.  My greetings read, “Here is some cash, now get off your lazy ass and go purchase some crap that you really like.  This is hard cash; this is not a sissy gift-card to a store or restaurant that sells crap that is below your standards.  Cash is very pro choice!  Go choose where you buy your own damn crap!  All kinds of crap will be on sale the day after Christmas.  Your Christmas cash buys more!  Think of whatever you buy as value added Christmas crap.”

After the obligatory festivities of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we enjoy a few months of sweet freedom before another season of gluttony, guilt, and greed begins.  Next year I expect the stores to start running Christmas sales on July 4th.

Bah Humbug to all y’all.  Hey!  That felt good.  Lemme say it again.  B A H !  H U M B U G !

Oooh yeah!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Whom do you trust with your guns?

How far do you trust them?  Some of my family, friends, or acquaintances I trust with my guns not one lick.  Others in my world I trust with my guns as long as both are under my watchful eye.  There are only a scant few who I have no reservations about whatsoever.

Insofar as the handgun(s) in my pocket(s), (or concealment holster(s)) there is never a problem, but PLEASE do not bring your children or your mentally unbalanced self or significant other over to visit unannounced; I need notice so that I can take any gun(s) that may be strategically hidden about the house and put it / them back into locked storage.  Hidden guns (or money, or jewelry, etc.) are not immune from discovery by the rude explorations of some people (or their children) who seem to have no social grace; what is behind the books on my shelves is none of your business (and that is not where I hide anything anyway).  I prefer to leave little to chance.

Yes, those locked safes have guns in them.  Safes are a deterrent against theft and mischief by burglars and visitors.  No, you cannot see any of the guns unless I choose to allow it.  Maybe I just do not feel up to it.  Maybe it is because you have a history of being unstable.  Maybe it is because you are a prohibited person as defined by law.  Maybe I just don’t trust you.  No, I don’t much care if your parents allowed you as a preteen to sleep with a loaded Glock beneath your pillow.  Your world is under your roof while my world is under mine.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Heartbreaking news from Matt Del Fatti

Many of us feel very close to the Matt Del Fatti family.  The following news Matt posted at his website is devastating.   My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

"It is with a broken heart that I must inform all our customers that our precious Gina passed away suddenly the morning of 12/08/13. She and her sister Angela have been the joys of our life since their births. Gina has been the voice and personality of Del Fatti Leather and my right hand for nearly ten years. Please pray for all our family but expecially for Gina, her husband Trent, and their children Taylan, Rylie and Jaeger."

"For those customers waiting for product: Please allow us some healing time. I will be in touch as I am able."

Friday, December 6, 2013

Two years on 13’’ MacBook Pro

Having worked with Microsoft based systems since the beginning of time, the past couple of years have been most refreshing, but not without challenges.

The only palpable hardware problem was the power supply cable shedding the insulation beginning at around the eighteen-month mark.  An ugly layer of electrical tape now covers around two-feet of the non-replaceable cable.  An $80 brand new power supply will arrive here on Monday.  Apple gets low marks for not engineering the low-voltage cable to be a simple plug-in replacement to the power supply, BUT all of the Microsoft platforms do it the same way that Apple does, but with far less elegance.  Apple and competitors make huge money from selling complete power supplies just because of cable / connector failures.  I went through four power supplies in six-years on my last Toshiba laptop; only once was due to a failed power unit, the balance was because of cable connection failures.

Battery health on my MacBook has been hanging right around the ninety-percent mark (after 415-cycles).  The battery is not user replaceable, but I do not hold that against Apple.  I went through three batteries in six-years on my last Toshiba laptop, so I believe this Apple is showing better battery life than I experienced from the competition.  Should this MacBook battery last another year, I’ll probably have Apple replace it as a preventive measure (and upgrade the memory to the max while they are at it).

Overall, my two-years of experience with Apple hardware, operating system, and software has been good.   I’ve had an Apple TV (which is more than a “toy”) for a while (I am too cheap to be saddled with a cable TV bill), and have had the Apple Time Capsule for around a year-and-a-half.  Recently I added a fifth generation iPod Touch to the mix. I’ll continue to be an Apple customer for as long as they suit my needs, and don’t piss me off too badly.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New bullet design from Larry Seecamp is now more than just a rumor

Larry Seecamp has been quietly up to something for over a couple of years now and the secrets are finally bubbling to the surface.

It looks like Larry already filed the patent.  Sometime in the future you can stoke your American made LW Seecamp .32 ACP pistol (or the clone of your choice) with American made LW Seecamp ammo. 

The bullet design is readily upsized to the large caliber loads. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The sorriest U.S. President in history

President Nixon says he is sorry that U.S. Citizens are losing their affordable health insurance because of the lies he told to get the Unaffordable Care Act passed and to win reelection.

WhOOPSIE!  Did I say Nixon?  Hell, you all know which POTUS I meant. 

The only thing a lying politician, such as our current POTUS, is ever sorry about is being caught in a lie.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What is it that is supposed to do that does not already do?

If your crotch is getting all sweaty during your wait for a working version of, click on over to; you might just be impressed.  eHealth has been around for years and never cost U.S. Taxpayers a dime.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Annual Cub Scouts Popcorn Fundraiser is underway

There will always be a place in my heart for Scouting.

Usually with a parent in tow, the Scouts are going door to door or hawking their wares at the entrances and exits of some local stores. I'm in for $70 this year.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Count me out of AARP

My long-term membership has expired and I choose not to renew.

I am a numbers guy and never found their “products” (which are in name only) to be bargains. 

Money does move our political world so I am researching other senior citizen related lobby groups that may be more agreeable to my sensibilities.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Matt Del Fatti has several model SLP holsters in stock for 5’’ 1911 pistols.

For the moment, it looks like Matt has several black and one brown available.

The SLP holster attaches to the belt via a slot in a wing extending to the rear of the weapon and a tunnel loop behind the weapon. This is a good general use concealment/range holster for folks with smaller waists.  

It appears that yesterday the collective media and a host of politicians suffered from hysteria induced AR-15 Premature Ejaculation.

Today we are reading that the Washington Navy Yard Shooter may have waltzed in with a 6-round (5-round magazine and 1-round in the chamber) 12-gauge pump shotgun and picked up additional firepower as he moved along. Click HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Carolina Domestic Steel Toe Engineer Boot 115

My current boots are old, high mileage, and showing some wear and tear so the time was right for me to order out a new pair from a local vendor; the new boots arrived today.  Union made in the USA, these are my signature boots, I identify with them, they are a part of me; when I was 18-years-old, my first requisite safety shoes were steel toed engineer boots and, if I recall correctly, cost me a wee bit over $90.  Cost adjusted, they were far more expensive in 1970 than they are today. I do not have a blind allegiance to unions but these boots do have the quality I desire and are within the premium I will pay for domestically manufactured goods.  Carolina does the job for me.

For the most part, engineer boots were my dance shoes for 37-years inside the world of industry and related construction-sites; during my six-years of retirement I found that they still suit me just fine.  No jobsite I can remember was OSHA exempt from requiring safety shoes, yet any lumber or material yard open to the public has flip-flop clad customers loading lumber, pipes, pumps, bricks, and stones into their SUVs; go figure.  Should you ever see a mower or heavy object transform toes into a nebulous gory mess, you may just become a believer.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mr. President, this is not 1963 and you sure as hell are not Martin Luther King.

Well, surprise, surprise; the POTUS decided to again fan the flames

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man; he was a warrior for righteousness. Barack Obama is an opportunistic, lying, political hack.  The biggest civil rights tragedy today is black on black crime, but that does not play well with the POTUS or his constituency.

70.5% of the murderers in Chicago are Black, and 75.3% of the murder victims are Black
24.3% of the murderers in Chicago are Hispanic, and 18.9% of the murder victims are Hispanic
3.5% of the murderers in Chicago are White and 4.6% of the murder victims are White

Monday, July 15, 2013

Waukegan says NO to “assault weapons” ban 7/15/2013

As I reported HERE on 6/17/2013, Waukegan Mayor Wayne Motley sent the proposed Sheila Simon template “assault weapons” ban back to the Public Safety Committee.  During the interim, the committee received many emails and met in person with several concerned citizens.  Based on the input from the public, the committee decided to recommend AGAINST passing the ordinance.  Tonight, all aldermen (alderpersons if you prefer) except one voted AGAINST the proposed ordinance.

Subsequent to the announcement and council vote, some of us who signed up to make public statements passed on their opportunity.  Of those who did make comments, seven were pro-gun and thanked the committee and council for their decision.  Except for one alderman of a particularly tough, high crime ward, there were no anti-gun speakers. 

While I will never award high marks to Mayor Wayne Motley as a crusader for the Second Amendment, he was top notch in stewarding this contentious issue through the machinations of local government.  The system worked, as it should, thanks in large part to his fairness. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Del Fatti 2’’ J-Frame Pocket Holster PH-3 Brown Alligator with Natural Horsehide back

It is downright gorgeous on both sides, and best of all, Del Fatti Leather will be shipping it out my way today.

Yeah, I know that I am on a strict retirement budget, but I really did need a properly themed Florida Vacation Holster. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I saw a genuine honeybee today

A lone honeybee was having its way with my rock garden yellow clover during a sunny break in what was an otherwise cloudy day. 

I never thought there would come a day when I would become excited over seeing a honeybee, but I suppose the times they are a changing.   The dwindling agriculture in this area just does not require many hives and the few apiarists around here are mostly dedicated hobbyists.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Waukegan Assault Weapons Ban ordinance update 6/17/2013

Richard Pearson of the Illinois State Rifle Association phoned me today to let me know about the proposed Waukegan Assault Weapon Ban ordinance (first I had heard of any such thing was yesterday) and that the City Council had it on the agenda for tonight, and that pro-Second Amendment folks should attend the meeting and let their feelings be known.

There was not a huge turnout, but not bad especially considering the lack of press.   I counted 10 speakers against the ordinance and nobody spoke in favor of it.  Joan Schrank of Waukegan's historic Schrank’s Smoke'n Gun shop received rousing applause after she made her comments.  Comments made by community activist Keith Turner were also very well received.  A couple of aldermen also spoke against the proposed ordinance. The others in the gallery who did not speak publicly did seem to be mostly second amendment supporters.  Mayor Wayne Motley did not call it for a vote and sent it back to the Public Safety Committee.  It's not over until it is over.

.45 ACP Ammo For Sale

At Ammo For Sale Dot Com.   (The tongue-in-cheek video on why the .45 ACP is the best cartridge of all time will put a smile on your face, especially if you watched the video that said much the same about the 9mm)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ring ring ring! Big Bad Obama and The Newnited Nations gonna-grab-yer-guns without you send us lots more money!

Well, while all that may be so, this old gunslinger has given until it hurts (the credentials in my profile do not include the time of my year-to-year memberships, or my supplemental donations) and I cannot afford to give one more dime to the good and just cause of protecting our Second Amendment.  Unlike government, my life runs by a strict balanced budget and my retirement years require fiscal discipline. So, please quit your calling and quit your mailing because I’m all in, and please quit sending my name to every new “gun rights” organization willing to pay money for your mailing and phone lists. 

To those who have not yet given to the cause, please consider doing so and please give generously if you are able, because money and lobbying makes our political world go around.   Please be politically active and educated; know and vote the facts.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thank you Mr. Speaker

In Illinois, it is House Speaker Mike Madigan who makes things happen, one direction or the other.  Click HERE for a lesson on how the political system is supposed to work; nobody walked away with everything; everyone got something.  For both sides of the Illinois gun issue(s), it is a far from perfect bill but much better than nothing at all.  Suck it up and live with it for now; work the political system down the road to make it better.

Now we wait to see what happens in the Illinois Senate.