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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fragile Toshiba laptop hinges

My wife just went through another Toshiba laptop.  My goodness, that makes three Toshiba laptops in a bit over four-years that failed due to broken hinges.   None of our many prior Toshiba laptops ever had this problem; I suggested to her that that we give up our Toshiba allegiance and switch to HP.  (Last year I switched to a MacBook Pro, which she does not care for; she prefers Windows.)

To be honest, the hinges on her new HP laptop look to be no improvement over those on the Toshiba laptops.  We shall see.  Apple clearly does better hardware engineering than the outfits that make laptops that run MS Windows.


Pumice said...

I have had great service from my Toshiba's but your comment will have me keep my eyes open. My kids swear by Apple but they work in the business world and it still belong to PC.

I have my doubts about Apple. My wife has one and if they were as easy to use and as intuitive as everyone claims she would be a whiz. It ain't happening. When I am convinced that they can run my applications and access my data I would be willing to spend the money to switch simply because they are more resistant to hackers.

grace and peace.


When I saw the title, before I even read the post, I was gonna say "buy a mactop".

I tire of windows at work and on the home computer. The Mac OS works so much better. I've maybe had 2 freezeups on this mac I've had for 3 years now, vs a zillion on the work and home computer.

Anonymous said...

My first Mac goes back to 1984 and I swear by (not at) them. Apple is more expensive but has better engineered hardware & software. Never had any issue with hacking, viruses or malware (running w/o protection) and have outstanding hardware reliability (several PC's have had failed hard drives, CD/DVDs, viruses, etc.).

I currently use an iMac that runs just fine and I also have Windows 7 loaded on it. You can configure any recent Mac to boot Windows or Mac OS. The only cost is buying Windows (and putting up with the constant stream of security patches that typically require a reboot). YMMV