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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Six years of retirement have gone by

While my retirement is still smooth sailing and going to budget (a working spreadsheet which makes many conservative assumptions and (for now) runs projections to the end of year 2027), the economic and political climate has changed horribly.   This anniversary finds me being a bit more introspective.  I am a wee bit less optimistic about the future.  For example, a decade or more of runaway-inflation (which I believe is the only way the federal government can deal with the obscene national debt) could prove devastating; contingency planning is essential, but facts for items such as the cost of healthcare do not exist. 


Pumice said...

You got it. Healthcare is one of the reasons I am still working but from what I see about even government agencies trying to dump it on the system I might be ahead just to join the great dependent classes.

May your health be so good that the loss of healthcare is not problem.

Grace and peace.

Glenn B said...

Happy Retirement - here is hoping you collect for at least another 25years (all in reasonably good health).

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Thanks guys.

Glenn B said...

Hope all is well, have not seen anything on your blog in too long.