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Make them earn it.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Guns are not just for protection against two-legged predators.

Write in Rob Pincus for NRA Board

What Grant Cunningham says is good enough for me.  I also got some guidance from David Hardy and many online gun-forums.  After a fair amount of due diligence, my ballot is complete and in the mail.

I felt good about the 21 names I chose along with the single write in.  If I cannot find anything about someone on the ballot, I just don’t feel right about voting for them.  If I were allowed to mark only one name, it would be R. Lee Ermey; he even promotes the NRA in his great new book “Gunny’s Rules” (I bought the Apple iBooks version).

My 40-Year-Old Sunglasses

(The case for the sunglasses reads as follows)

DSA 120-74-C-0608

Inexpensive sunglasses are as available nowadays as they are easy to break.  During the past few years, the quality of them has gotten even worse and “durable” is not a word I would use to describe them.  Just when I was about to order out some expensive sunglasses, I remembered that I had a box full of military surplus, late Vietnam era sunglasses somewhere in my larder, purchased in bulk from Cheaper Than Dirt years ago for around $1 each IIRC.  I mangled the first one I tried on with my crude adjustment attempts because it was so askew it would not come close to fitting my Mr. Potatohead face; it was scrapped.  The second one I succeeded in getting comfortable enough to live with, but it had a noticeable distortion in the lens right in the center of the field of view; still, it was “good enough” and lasted over a year before one of the temples broke off.  The one in the photo is my third one out of the box and I hope it lasts as long as the previous one did.  The box still holds enough of the military surplus sunglasses to last me a few more years if all goes well.  My eyes have had a lifelong painful sensitivity to sunlight, even on overcast days.  Rare is the moment that I am outside sans sunglasses.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There are advocates for Post Birth Abortions?

Yep, maybe even if the offspring is up to a year or more old.  Is this the natural progression of “Pro Choice?”  Get the story straight from Slate.  Call me an old fashioned sentimental fool; reading the article made me nauseous.

To the young folks who think that this idea has merit, be careful for what you wish; “Pro Choice” may evolve to where your parents have legal means to abort you as a defective fetus if you have not left the nest by age 26.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Taxman Cometh (and taketh what little is left) 2014

Aside from our ever-corrupt self-serving politicians (and those who win their favor), only government employees and contractors can get away with not paying their taxes.  Imaginably the IRS feels it is incestuous to screw those in government.

I got my federal income taxes done on the cold dark side of Friday morning.  I was a tad light on my withholdings last year and had to write the insatiable Uncle Sam a supplemental check for $773.  On top of that, Guido, my bargain basement accountant charged me $140 to do his “numbers magic.” I feel that amount to be a bit much for a guy who only takes appointments for after midnight and whose office is a limousine parked at a Cook County off-grid strip joint.

Anyhow, tax time is officially over for me this year; it feels good to be free of that.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stop the gun buying madness!

That is my mantra for the next week.   One of my favorite local gun stores is having their annual monster sale and there are bargains galore!  While there is nothing on earth essential for me to have, there are always temptations and the possibility of me finding some sexy little thing that I would not mind taking home.   

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Using a shovel to bash the head of a snowplow driver is snow laughing matter

Few things are as frustrating to a homeowner than having a municipal snowplow curl two to four feet of wet heavy snow from the street into the end of their freshly shoveled driveway.   This guy went over the edge and turned a snow scoop into an assault weapon.

A two-stage snow blower takes care of all of my problems (i.e. removing the snow; I don’t use it to attack snowplow drivers).

A holsterless handgun in your pocket or waistband has the potential to make you world famous

That gun in your pocket
Can go off like a rocket
If you neglected to figure
That you must protect the trigger
Give wellbeing a bolster
Seat that gun in a holster

The reporter(s) at this link did a good job getting details of the negligent firearm discharge.  We can learn from the mistakes of others.

Perhaps Mom’s way of thinking is a few rounds short of a full magazine

Mom packs heat into daughters school backpack.  It does look pretty in pink.

Because most choose politics as a career because the pay is better and the laughs never end.

USA faces a national clown shortage

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

“Buy her diamonds,” say the commercials on radio, television, and the internet. Cram it, it ain’t gonna happen. I don’t care how much these commercials try to shame me into feeling cheap or unsuccessful, there ain’t gonna be any Valentine’s Diamond. Nor will there be a new Lexus in the driveway, wrapped in a gigantic heart-shaped red ribbon.

Many women, if not most, hate Valentine’s Day. Not having a significant other, or having one who doesn’t deliver a gift, can be painful. Valentine’s Day is a cruel day of angst. Even if she has a love who has righteously shown up with a dozen roses year after year, eventually she will wonder why the loser hasn’t bought her a Rolex like Mr. Successful does in the TV commercials.

The only guys who enjoy Valentine’s Day are trying to get laid. Most guys hate Valentine’s Day. Roses can jump to $100 a dozen in some areas, and giving the obligatory heart of chocolates is cliché and considered cheap. When she says she doesn’t want anything, you guys best know that you had better show up with something, and you had better hope your sweetheart did not see that damn Lexus commercial.

The legend says St. Valentine died by execution and I am certain that it wasn’t just revenge for womanizing. Once Valentine started giving out the gifts, he was doomed; the other men knew women would expect gifts forever. If Val had discreetly jumped from bed to bed, he would have died a worn out, but happy, old man. Nope, he just had to start handing out his flowery business cards. The horny little bastard got what was coming to him; that short, fat, bald, incontinent hit man named Cupid put an arrow through Valentine’s cheatin’ heart.

We now need to find out if the fool who started Sweetest Day is still around, and if he is, we need to lynch his sorry ass.

With eternal love, and all of that other saccharin rot, 

Your Valentine,


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ordered the SMZ and SKR shoulder holsters from Ken Null last Friday

(Photo of SMZ egregiously swiped from holster artisan Matt Del Fatti’s website.)

Ken said they would be shipping out sometime this week.  EDIT:  Delivery was Thursday 2/6/2014; a scant six-days from when I ordered; that's pretty darn quick.  The box felt so light that I thought it was shipped empty, but when I opened it up I found both holsters and harnesses carefully packed inside.  My initial opinion after working with both holsters for the balance of the day is quite favorable.  I'll write separate reviews for each holster after I shake them down for a while.

I intend both holsters (obviously not at the same time) for use during long distance vacation driving. The Model SKR (aka “City Slicker”) I plan for carry under a jacket with my S&W 442 Airweight, while the Model SMZ (aka “Smertch”) is for carry under a shirt (when weather does not call for a jacket) with my lightweight Colt Agent (alloy frame version of the Colt Detective Special).  NOTE:  The SMZ works both under a jacket or under a shirt.  Ordering both hoslters was a bit indulgent on my part.  These revolvers and holsters are LIGHT WEIGHT; I choose to travel light whenever possible.  NOTE:  The SMZ also can be ordered for semi-auto pistols.

There are reasons why brassieres are not (commonly) made from leather.  I’ve tried leather shoulder holsters before and they get hot, uncomfortable, and stink like body odor after a while. Ken has three models of shoulder holsters made from polymer with synthetic harness straps; as such, they are very lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

Aside from avoiding the discomfort from other means of concealed carry during long distance driving; a well-designed inside-the-waistband holster works just fine for me during a normal day of working, walking, and sitting.  EDIT:  In the middle of the second day of working with these lightweight shoulder holsters, I find myself musing that I may need to rethink my everyday carry practices.  These holsters are just darn comfy.

EDIT 9/22/2014:  CLICK HERE for SMZ Shoulder Holster Instruction Sheet
EDIT 12/1/2014:  CLICK HERE for SKR Shoulder Holster Instruction Sheet

CLICK HERE for website of K. L. Null Holsters, LTD.
161 School Street NW
Resaca, Georgia 30735
706-625-9392 (Fax)

Established 1976
Kenneth L. Null, President
USMC 1959 - 1969
Leather Guild Master Craftsman
NRA Business Alliance
NRA Benefactor Life Member


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