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Sunday, March 29, 2015

I swapped out my Colt Sporter half-circle Bolt Carrier Group

Many internet folks say that the above style of bolt carrier will not work in my Colt Sporter because of the auto-sear block that is welded in place.  I have found only a few people, one with photos, who say it will work just fine and dandy.  In any case, I've got the new carrier group oiled up and installed; as far as I can tell, it does work well;  I'll be at the range on Tuesday to give it a trial by live-fire.  The sear-block does keep the M-16 style bolt carrier from functioning in my Colt Sporter (I tried the one from my carbine) but this AR-15 carrier (so far) looks to be just right.

EDIT:  As promised, Tuesday I was at the range and put 120-rounds downrange with the new AR-15 Del-Ton Bolt Carrier Group.  Everything worked just wonderfully.

I'll be keeping the Sporter's original half-circle bolt carrier so that I have the option of returning the rifle back to its factory condition.  The reason I yanked it is because, by design, the unshrouded firing pin does not wear well.  Even though it is not illegal to do so, there is no reason for me to have the auto-sear block removed; it is part of the history of that rifle and a testament to the political climate of that era; every gun has a story to tell.

Having an M-16 style bolt carrier does not make your AR-15 a "machine gun."

CLICK HERE and see that all bolt carriers are not created equal.

CLICK HERE to see how an M-16 trigger works compared to the AR-15

CLICK HERE to see how everything in the M-16 / AR-15 rifle is designed to work.

Friday, March 27, 2015

I caught an agent of the local government stalking me

He boldly parked right next to me.  In a parking lot full of empty spaces, he chooses the one right next to my car.

Jeez, I must really be looking as bad as I feel.  I certainly hope that this guy is a whole lot more than just a little bit premature.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What the Glock 43 is and what the Glock 43 is not

Wow!  The entire country is talking about the Glock 43.

I can tell you what the Glock 43 is not; the Glock 43 is not available.  Other than some brief internet video sessions with some chosen people, the G43 is a vapor-gun.  It is still just a wish and a prayer.  We can dream it, but we cannot do it.

To my eyes and imagination it kinda looks like it is somewhat of a skinny Glock 26.   That in itself is worth a look, but I'll believe it when it sits on the shelf of my local gun store.  I've spent quite some time reading all I could find about the G43 and filtering what little is known for sure from what is mostly speculation.  Which writer did the best job overall?  CLICK HERE!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Trying out some Magpul Gen 3 AR-15 Magazines

The old Luddite inside of me finally decided to venture back into the AR-15 plastic-magazine market.   The plastic mags that I sampled back in the early 1990s were prone to problems such as cracking, bulging, and puking cartridges out at inopportune moments.  From those golden days of yesteryear until now I have not purchased any additional plastic AR mags;  if it wasn't milspec and made from aluminum there was no reason for me to take it seriously.

Both the technology and the political sentiment have improved a bit over these many years.  The (above) Blue Label Colt Sporter (circa 1993) is shown with one of its original 5-round magazines (factory converted from an old style standard 20-round magazine).  On the right hand side of that photo are some brand new, highly recommended, Magpul Gen 3 40-round, 30-round, 20-round, and 10-round magazines.  Old meets new.

(Above) This Magpul Gen 3 10-round magazine may be as close to a flush-fit as is functionally possible on an AR.  By design, it has an elegant low-profile that is just about perfect for getting the rifle way down as low as you can go.  Seriously, I really like this design and (as an act of faith) I purchased a half-dozen of them (each cost near as much as a Magpul 30-round standard capacity Gen 3) (EDIT: I paid $13.25ea for the 10-rounders AND the 20-rounders, $14.20ea for the 30-rounders, and $18.95ea for the 40-rounders).  A couple of the 10-round mags I will downsize to 5-rounds each (for my preferred target drills; using them for hunting is also a remote possibility).  I plan to retire both of my original Colt 5-round aluminum cans (too many mal-feeds; their springs are tired after all of these years and the mags are designed to be unserviceable; those old politically correct factory-converted mags are a somewhat sad piece of history but are still collectable).  If these Magpul 10-rounders prove reliable, I may purchase another half-dozen.

(Above) For a size comparison, on the left is a Magpul Gen 3 20-round; in the middle is the old style 20-round aluminum Colt (factory 5-round conversion); on the right is the 10-round Magpul Gen 3.

(Above)  I am partial to 20-round AR magazines.  Overall the Magpul 20-round Gen 3 mag is just a wee bit longer than the old style Colt 20-round and lacks the Colt mag's nostalgic lines, but it has a reputation for being reliable.  As with the Colt 20-round mag, the Magpul 20-rounder offers decent combat capacity while allowing the rifle to get down low for prone shooting and for use around cover.  I only bought a pair of these to try them out.   I have a goodly number of 20-round genuine Colt mags but if the Magpul 20-rounders prove reliable, purchasing a few more of them would not hurt me any.

Above is Magpul's Gen 3 standard size AR-15 30-round magazine.  I only purchased a pair of these to try them out; I have what I believe to be a "suitable" number of aluminum standard 30-round magazines on hand.  Then again, it is often said that one can never have too many magazines.

(Above)  My goodness, an AR-15 sporting one of these ostentatious mags certainly looks like it means super serious business.  I bought a pair of these just to have the opportunity to reach into my range-bag and say "excuse me while I whip this out." The Magpul 40-round Gen 3 mags are only a few dollars more than the Magpul standard capacity 30-round Gen 3 mags ($18.95 vs $14.20) but they give a significantly more impressive visual "hang-low." People will certainly take notice of anyone sporting one of these mags on an AR; if the "Rambo look" is what you are gunning for, this mag will get you some eyeballing.  I kinda doubt that I will I be adding any more of them to the raft, but for the moments at the range when it is more fun to pull the trigger than it is to swap mags, my pair of 40-round mags will be seeing some funtime.  I doubt that I would ever be able to learn how to manage them while shooting from down low or around cover.

That pretty much is how my new mags stack up for me so far.  Did I mention that each mag comes with a pop-top cover?  You all probably knew that already.

Any good or bad experiences that I have with these mags down the line will be appended to this post. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother.

Mom’s birthday and Dad’s birthday were both in the month of March.  It is hard to believe that they left so many years ago, within a year of each other. 

It all seems like it was just yesterday.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

After retiring from being a career government gunslinger, Glenn B is still dodging bullets

These "bullets" are lead-free but can be every bit as nasty to deal with.

Please hang some good thoughts and prayers in the air for Glenn's return to good health.

My income taxes were done at 13:00 hours yesterday, Friday the 13th

Yeah, I thought that was pretty bold.  I can be a real funny guy sometimes; har har har, fother muckers.

Instead of getting me a refund, Guido the no-neck tax wizard told me to write Uncle Suck a check for an additional amount, roughly equal to the street value of a ton of Presidential Quality Choom Salad.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do many of us peruse the news only for what we can use to support our views?

Fox News is the most trusted network?  CNN is the second most trusted?  MSNBC came in last?

What amazes me most is that the aforementioned networks are considered "News" instead of "Entertainment."  Every "News Network" is on a crusade of some sort of another.  None of them can report a snow storm without either crediting or ridiculing "Climate Change."  "News Networks" are supposed to report on politics and NOT (other than in the editorial sections) participate in politics.  They are supposed to report the news, not slant the news towards their target audience, and they are not supposed to make the news up.

News today does not measure to the old standards.  Perhaps the old standards cannot work in our world of perpetual propaganda.

IMHO, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and others are only marginally legit.  It is a chore sifting and sorting the gravel from the grits.

Special Forces needed for protection on archaeology expedition

The Fishing Musician (and others) find it amazing that the ruins of an ancient city remained hidden until now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I recently doubled the size of my AR-15 collection

Now that I have a nearby indoor shooting range designed to handle the 5.56x45mm Nato load, I am back to owning two models of the AR-15.  I've had the Blue Label Colt HBAR Match Sporter since circa 1993.  The one AR-15 I ever regretted selling was a Colt SP1 Carbine; I found that I like the above civilian M4 style carbine far more than I ever did the SP1 Carbine, so my universe is back in balance.

Will I be buying any more AR-15 models?  I doubt it, but it is always best for me to never say never.

In the photo above, the six-position telescoping shoulder stock on my new carbine is shown all the way in, creating a very compact package for smaller shooters (as well as for easy carry and storage).

The Sporter has a 20'' barrel; the m4 style carbine has a 16'' barrel.  As the photo above shows, when the carbine's telescoping stock is fully extended the only difference in length between the two rifles are the barrel lengths.

       The shoulder thingie goes OUT                                                The shoulder thingie goes IN

While many gun control folks find the collapsible (aka telescoping) shoulder stock very sinister and scary (and worthy of being banned), the feature is far more practical than it is tactical.  One size of rifle does not readily fit all of the possible sizes and shapes of the shooters.  

The recent Obama decision to ban some popular sporting ammo created yet another frantic run on guns and ammo.  My gosh, that man's anti-gun policies have pushed more guns and ammo into civilian hands than the NRA could ever dream of doing.  Well done POTUS!  Anyway, there is now a fresh shortage of Colt civilian m4 style carbines, so I had to piece this one together (which also saved me a decent wad of cash).  I purchased the AM-TAC Complete Mil Spec Lower Assembly separate from my purchase of the Complete Colt LE6920 SOCOM Carbine Upper Assembly.  Two push pins joined everything up nice and cozy.

I even splurged on a new compartmentalized case that allows me to carry both of my AR-15s and plenty of standard capacity 30-round mags to the range for when I manage to get Steve and Dave there at the same time for an afternoon of carefree blasting.

On rare occasions I will do some fast-blasting using the standard capacity AR-15 30-round-magazines; it is darn good entertainment but I am too cheap to make a habit out of it.  During most of my range time I stick with S L O W fire using the lower profile old style 20-round-magazines.  The mags in the above photos are actually Colt's old factory 5-round politically correct mags (permanently reduced-capacity 20-rounders) from the early 1990s.

2015 NRA Board of Directors

Some folks are really getting into this process.  Bravo!  Everyone should have a say.

If we want change, be it for the PTA, the NRA, or the USA, we have to vote for it.  The NRA is far from perfect, but it is the best political-lobby gun-owners currently have.  Let's all work to make it better.

I marked 17 candidates.  My ballot is now in the mail.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


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