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Ante omnia armari.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Year Resolution 2016-A0001 is to go to the shooting range at least once a month

My goal for the new year is to go to the shooting range no less than once a month.  Yeah, I know that is not often enough to qualify me as a big-time gunslinger, but the hard fact is that I am only a recreational shooter.  My skill level is a bit better than what is needed to shoot a concealed-carry qualifying score with any handgun that I carry, but I am certainly not good enough to be taking home any trophies. Will I ever try IDPA?  Maybe someday, but I don't have any burning desire to jump in anytime soon; I assuredly don't need any supplemental drama in my life.

For a while during 2015 I went to the range once a week, which turned out to be too often; I suffered from burnout and lost my enthusiasm for shooting.  It is best that I set a light shooting schedule for this coming year and pace myself.

I've already purchased enough range time to go once a month during the new year; my 2016 calendar has the morning of the third Tuesday of each month tagged for being at the range.  I am all set provided that the Good Lord is willing and the creek doesn't rise. I did not renew my annual membership at the range;  I have no need for the club's high-end perks; besides, the $449 membership fee only includes 10-hours of shooting.  It is far cheaper for me to buy range time via the punch-cards or simply pay each time that I go.  It is a nice range but it would be a stretch to say that it is a bargain.


Wilson said...

I hope you do it. It's been my resolution for several years now but something always seems to come up. I end up averaging every 6-8 weeks.

James Zachary said...

Thanks, man. I hope you can find some extra time to enjoy those beautiful guns of yours in the coming year!

Take care.

Wilson said...

Thanks! Recently I also added a laser training aid that allows you to practice at home with your carry gun. Obviously it’s not a good a live fire practice but it does help some.

eatgrueldog said...

So much better than some damn diet

eatgrueldog said...

Wilson, if it is a revolver you can load brass with just the primer and roll bullets out of weather stripping. They have enough umpfh to shoot right through both sides of a soda can. Yeah, I know....I'm a redneck

James Zachary said...

Diet? heh, yeah I don't like thinking about that let alone writing about it.