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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vietnamese Restaurant opens in Libertyville, Il

This place is very close to our domicile. I have yet to check it out, but I expect this restaurant to be one of my regular haunts. Vietnamese food is awesome. CLICK ON THE PHOTO BELOW to read a review.


Old 1811 said...

I've never been there, but I highly recommend you give it a try. I've never eaten at a bad Vietnamese restaurant.
When we lived in the Chicago area, my wife and I frequently went to Pasteur, on the corner of Sheridan and Lawrence. After a fire, it moved to Broadway (I think) just south of Bryn Mawr, and the prices went up. We left Illinois in 2006, and I don't know if it's still there, but if it is, it's worth a trip.
Where I am now, half my diet comes from the local Vietnamese joint. It's good food and cheap, too.

Pumice said...

I am into their Pho because it is cheap and satisfying. I have not gotten much beyond that on the menu. My son introduced me to it.

Grace and peace.

"Zack" said...

Hey there Old 1811! Hey there Pumice! Thanks for stopping by.

We used to frequent a Vietnamese restaurant over in Morton Grove ... it closed and we could not find another in a convenient location ... this one is maybe 5-miles of country and suburban roads away from our door; except for the shooting ranges, we quit patronizing everything that is east of us due to the number of broad-daylight armed-robberies. Some folks are being attacked just for the heck of it.

Anyhoo, last evening I did run on over to the new restaurant for some take-home grub; wife and I agreed that it was most excellent.

We don't visit Chicago much anymore because of traffic and the other obvious reasons; politicians and the courts have handcuffed the police.

Guys, thanks again.

Joseph Brandon said...

Ah Libertyville. there were some great places we'd drive over there for back in the late 60's

"Zack" said...

Hey there Joseph!

Old 1811 said...

Can't blame you for being leery of Chicago these days, but . . .
A website called keeps track of all the shootings, daily, weekly, and monthly, in the city of Chicago. It breaks them down into other categories, some of them quite entertaining (such as the "Shot-in-the-Junk-o-Meter"), and by location. There are almost no shootings north of Armitage Avenue (2000 North), so most of New Town, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Avenue, etc. are (presumably) still good. That's where most of my favorite restaurants are, anyway.
Glad you found a good place by you.