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Saturday, August 19, 2017

REVIEW: Randolph Aviator Sunglasses. I bought 'em, I wear 'em, I like 'em.

My money, my choice.

A well made, durable case for protecting the glasses when they are not perched on my melon.

Microfiber cleaning cloth. 

Spare parts and a toolkit stored in a pouch crafted into the lining of the case.

Spare screws for the temples and frame, spare nose pads, and a hidden screwdriver.


Anonymous said...

Hi Zack
Off topic I know but that's a great picture of your great great grandad you have posted. He looks well prepared. I wonder whether he preferred the Colt or the Remington? I like the Remington myself.

All the best,


Cool shades by the way.

"Zack" said...

I have reproductions of Colt and Remington ball-and-cap revolvers and dunno which I would prefer in "real life" situations ... I'd probably also choose the Remington design. If they are in any way legal in Great Britain, ball and cap revolvers are darn good fun to shoot.

I'll have to toss together a full blog post someday about Great Great Grandpa ... he once rode his horse through City Hall (or a county courthouse ... I forget some of the details) in protest of something or another ...

Oh, BTW, Illinois has (somewhat) legalized switchblade knives, but only for those with firearm concealed carry licenses (dunno what the logic was on that).

Anonymous said...

Hi Zack
You can own Black Powder in the UK but you need to jump through a lot of hoops to get the certificate.

However I used to shoot black powder years ago and i really enjoyed it. The smoke the smell and the painstaking reloading were all part of it. Our gun club had the occasional BP competition and I won a couple of them. Mostly used my Dad's Uberti Remington (Stainless) or the Ruger Old Army that I kept on behalf of the gun club as I was a committee member at the time.

Never got on with the Colt design as I didn't like the notched hammer sight and couldn't hit a thing. Probably my bad.

I remember a guy standing next to me on the firing line when we were shooting BP. He had a reproduction Colt, might have been a bit on the cheap side. Midway through the shot string there was a small detonation - the cylinder of his "Colt" dropped to his feet and the barrel impaled itself in the mud about 10 feet downrange. That put me off the Colt pattern as well. No one hurt and a few laughs. Other than that he had good taste in guns - owned a 6" barrel S&W Model 25 back when we were allowed such things.

All the best