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Monday, October 30, 2017

We took her to the veterinarian early this afternoon fully expecting that she would not be coming back home.

She is a shelter rescue that has been with us for 18-years.  As near as we can figure, "Coyote" is 21-years and 8-months old although she does prefer that we simply refer to her age as "Forever 21."  Thinking that perhaps this would be among her final moments here at home, I took the above photo; that caption was added after we returned home with her.  The tough old girl again defied our fears and dried our tears.  This cat is living on love.  

My Daughter told me a while back that my teen Granddaughter predicted, "Coyote will outlive Grandpa!"  


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Is the Snubnose .38 better with a laser or without?

Snubs commonly have rudimentary sights.  Am I a better snub-gunner with the laser or without?   

It is a simple muse and I don't believe that this range session answers the question for me.  I guess time will tell; for now, I shoot pretty much the same either way.  The featured snubbie is a S&W 638 Bodyguard wearing Crimson Trace LG 405 laser grips; previous blog entries about "Betty" are HERE and HERE.  Psychologically, I like having the laser and "Betty" has become my favorite airweight revolver for carrying.

EDIT:  Before you read any further, you might want to sneak on over to HERE to view another gunner's laser focus ...

The ammunition used for today's session is pictured above; Federal 130-grain full metal jacket "ball" ammo.  The round nose bullet pushes a hole through the paper rather than cutting it as do (the more expensive) hollow-points.  The holes from the round nose bullets often close up (or nearly so) and are hard to see at any distance (and in photos).

The targets used today were reasonably equal to what Illinois requires to qualify for concealed carry.  My apologies if the target color scheme of "Purple/Pink/White" offends any sector of the human race; these colors are dear to me because they match the spectrum of the blotches on my saggy old butt-cheeks.  In all seriousness, I tend to shoot better with lighter colored targets and prefer them over black targets when available.

All rounds fired today were double-action as fast as I could acquire / reacquire the target (and not piss off the range safety-officer).

(the scoring area of the above target is enlarged below)
(Photos above are target #1)
 30-rounds total USING THE LASER
10-rounds @ 15-feet (5-yards)
10-rounds @ 21-feet (7-yards)
10-rounds @ 30-feet (10-yards)
That was pleasantly surprising; I was able to keep the red dot in a respectable "wobble zone."

(the following EDITs are in the "as far as I know / remember" category; I'll try and find links)
EDIT:  YES, laser sights are allowed during the Illinois Concealed Carry range qualification.
EDIT:  YES, 21 of your 30 rounds fired must be inside (or touching the outside line of) the 7 ring.
EDIT:  YES, Chicago PROHIBITS LASER SIGHTS ON GUNS (other cities may as well)
EDIT:  LASERING A PERSON as a joke or to "scare them away" is against Illinois law.

(the scoring area of the above target is enlarged below)
(Photos above are target #2)
10-rounds @ 15-feet (5-yards)
10-rounds @ 21-feet (7-yards)
10-rounds @ 30-feet (10-yards)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The pants that I prefer almost exclusively for normal everyday concealed carry

This is a trademarked stretch pants version of a trademarked brand that I did not buy for a dozen years or more because they moved the production jobs out of the USA.  Around a year ago I found some (what looked to be) factory seconds that were reasonable priced; I did notice that the size of the front pockets were inconsistent from one purchase to the next (more on that later).

The stretchiness of the fabric helps make inside the waistband carry (IWB) noticeably more comfortable than IWB carry with standard denim jeans.  I found that the placement of the belt loops (from one purchase to the next) were consistently where I prefer them to be and that the loops and the stitching were sturdy enough for the rigors of concealed carry.

All pants that I bought (over time) had pockets at least deep enough to easily carry handgun and holster combinations usually associated with pocket carry, e.g.,  the Glock 26, the Glock 43, J-Frame and D-Frame revolvers, Seecamp and NAA Guardian hidey guns, etc.  But what about pocket carry of something akin to a Glock-19?  Well, a couple of my purchases did have pockets that were stretchy and cavernous enough for the challenge.  In the photo above (to protect the trigger and to keep the G19 in position, a Bianchi OWB belt holster is used as a surrogate pocket holster) we start the experiment ...

 Almost there; so far so good.

Voila!  All gone.  The Glock 19 is now a pocket pistol.   An untucked, oversized, frumpy-fat-old-man shirt will hide the bulges.

Monday, October 2, 2017

The security in Las Vegas struck me as being a few notches better than some places I have been.

Above photos were taken during a trip in January 2005, my first and thus-far only visit to Las Vegas.  Since it was only about 3.5 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, we had some uneasiness; flashy travel destinations with big crowds make flashy targets for the unstable douchebags that are among our human race.  How to guard against a nightmare?  I dunno.  After last night, Las Vegas and all sites therein will be performing a double-down rethink of everything imaginable.

We visited Mandalay Bay as well as many other sites.  We stayed at Luxor, a very nice place.  If the fates allow, we would like to pay another visit to Vegas.   For now, we pray for the victims of the latest madness.  I am not a righteous enough person to pray for the soul of the murderer.  I do not want to hear his name; I do not want to read his name.

To find Mandalay Bay on the above map, it is at the very bottom.  


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