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Friday, March 9, 2018

March 2018 is a good month to support your Lake County, Illinois Shooting Ranges


Caliber Gun Range, Waukegan, Il

5 Star Firearms, Zion, Il

Outdoorsman Pro, Winthrop Harbor, Il
(Range is limited to handgun caliber firearms)

Each range sells guns and ammo.
Each range offers Concealed Carry classes.

(I have no affiliation with any of the above entities)


Joseph Brandon said...

I wonder if that's the same range I shot at in the late 60's. I remember it was on Washington street. The guys in the ROTC would all go shooting together.

Brick building if I remember right not far from the old Ted's Log Cabin

Ah. Waukegan flashback

"Zack" said...

Great to hear from you!

I believe there was a place called Shoot-o-rama on Belvidere near Jackson ... used to be a roller rink at one time. Last gun range / gun store there was called (IIRC) Midwest; I spent lots of time and money there. They still have a store somewhere in the north suburbs. That location on Belvidere is a now a furniture store (same old building).

Schrank's Smoke'n Gun (cigar store / gun store) on Washington Street is from your era and still in business. Dave Schrank used to be into competition shooting and coaching ... I believe he even coached the ROTC team for a while. They may have done some shooting there years ago ... they are strictly retail now.

Caliber gun Range is on Washington Street west of Greenbay Road ... I believe it converted the erstwhile Penske Truck Rental place. It is relatively new, less than 4 years old. GTR Sporting Club ran into some money issues and the business was reorganized / sold and is now Caliber Gun Range.

5 Star Firearms is on Sheridan in Zion, housed inside a converted roller rink. Also new, maybe a year or so ...

Outdoorsman Pro in Winthrop harbor is (I believe) the oldest surviving indoor shooting range in our area. Lots of memories in that range ...

Joseph Brandon said...

Funny. After I commented, I realized a bit later (Getting old and memories fuzzy I guess) it was on Belvidere. There was a mall at Belvidere and Lewis? and across the street was the park we ice skated at. There was also an old bowling alley there that became the Wild Goose. Had great bands come in like the Crying Shame and the Buckinghams.

Shoot-a Rama is correct and I roller skated there back in the 60's although most of my rink time was up at Park Roller rink in Zion which I'm assuming is the building you refer to above.

My sister is still in Winthrop Harbor

"Zack" said...

Belvidere Mall still exists and is flourishing; it fills the parking lot with customers. It weathered every economic crash the years threw at it.

Waukegan's lake front has changed ... gone are all of the OMC buildings. Bay Marine just built a $5milion show room / storage / and service center for high end boats. Much of Waukegan probably looks the same as you remember it.

My best to you and your sister.