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Make them earn it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Monthly Weigh-In 09/26/2018 = 200 lbs; I gotto get a new mirror; down 25 lbs so far this year and I still don't see much change.

It's official; I hit a milestone.  I have lost a bit over 25 lbs so far this year.  I am a couple of pounds under 200, but we'll just call it an even 200 for now.  

Wearing a gunbelt no longer causes the symptoms of peritonitis but, as an official card-carrying old dude, I still need to slim down even further for a host of health reasons;  my sights are fixed on losing (at least) another 25 lbs before I settle in to a new norm.  Hell, just getting down to an incremental 195 lbs at this time of year will be a rough road; we'll see what the scale reads in another month or so.  It's all a game of ounces and inches ...

Still, I'm going to celebrate this milestone.  My being a couple of pounds under 200 moves me marginally out of the OBESE category into the much more acceptable society of the OVERWEIGHT.  You bethcha, the very first chance that I get I am gonna put on my Colt-45 concealed-carry macho-beach-thong and rock my thunder-belly man-boob physique all over the northeastern coast of Florida.

Yep, I gonna be stylin' my new bod.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

To be "Prepared," what else is there to carry aside from a cellphone and a wallet with cash and credit cards?

Hell, I dunno.  Self defense is always a consideration, but some folks won't carry a gun;  many venues prohibit guns, knives, and defense-sprays.

Aside from personal defense items, I routinely carry ear-plugs (in the round container; my past life involved horrendously noisy construction / industrial sites) a lighter (I have found lighters to be preferable to matches for starting a warming fire), flashlight (handier than most folks could ever imagine), spare change in a coin-purse (parking meters, quick snack from a machine, damn toll-booths before IPass was created), and the most politically correct multi-tool / pocket knife I could find (albeit not allowed in any courthouse that I know of ... may be illegal to possess anywhere in NYC).  

Other than handguns, wallet, and cellphone, the above covers my basic everyday carry; I do make adjustments based on situational possibilities.  As always, your tastes and needs may differ.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Real Deal Desert Dweller is doing a series on preparing and eating some commercially available BUCKET SURVIVAL GRUB

Insofar as preparedness, the attactiveness of bucket-grub is the packaging and the advertised ultra-long-term shelf-life.

How practical is it?  How easy is it to prepare?  How does it taste?

Those are questions that I've known a few folks DIDN'T ANSWER before deciding to empty their pocketbooks and fill their basements, garages, or attics with rafts of the stuff.   It may be just what you are looking for.  Then again ...

Bon Appetit!

Friday, September 21, 2018

More of the minutiae of preparedness

IIRC, I purchased this raft of disposable lighters well over a dozen years ago.  One or two I routinely carry in my pockets; when I give them away, lose them, or they run dry, I grab replacements off the basement shelf.  Recently a replacement failed to function fresh off the shelf ... so I tested every lighter left on the rack.  The disposable lighters standing in the case are still functional.  The ones laid flat all failed.  

However subtle, time and the physics of entropy are always at work.  Sooner or later, stuff happens.  

Saturday, September 15, 2018

A special "Thanks!" to UPS for helping me test the durability of these shooting accessories

Forgive my delinquency; this all took place back in July. 

It is often hard for me to put in a satisfactory effort in testing and reviewing shooting-related products for durability.  UPS went more than the extra mile in helping with my hobby by pre-smashing, bashing, munching, and crunching some Safariland speed-loaders for me.  Outstanding!  It would have taken me ten-years of intense tactical outdoor range-time along the entire length of the abandoned gravel road leading to hell in order to subject these items to this amount of abuse.  Very well done and very deeply appreciated.

Safariland Pass / Fail = PASS

Friday, September 14, 2018

Fascist Google Co-Founder calls American Voters "fascists"

Leaked video shows Google co-founder Sergey Brin comparing Trump voters to 'fascists' as he vows to thwart rise of populism in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election

  Down with fascism!  F*CK GOOGLE!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The day after 9/11, seventeen years later and our borders are more porous than ever

Click HERE for a dose of reality.

I have not forgotten.

"Open Borders" my ass ...

Democrats failed.  Republicans failed.   From the ultra far left of politics to the ultra far right, we failed 17-years ago and we are failing now.  Suck on that for a while ...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

I'm back to carrying pepper-spray (don't get all freaked out ... I still carry guns)

For over three-decades I carried different brands of pepper-spray for personal defense.  Never had to used it on man nor beast.  Sprayed myself a few times, by accident and by trial; the stuff works but is not as incapacitating as many folks believe it to be.  Let me opine that having pepper-spray in a defense situation might be found by many people as being preferable to having nothing but regrets.  

A couple or more years ago I gave away most of my pepper-spray stock to the needy and test fired what had expired.  Recently I decided to resume carrying pepper-spray.  Why did I purchase this particular product this time around?  I discovered that it fit perfectly into an old police belt-carrier that I bought used for $5 a very long time ago.  All of the elastic and plastic holders offered by makers of most of the sprays I had tried earlier were near worthless; they were not durable nor secure.  

Sized for a police duty-belt, this carrier is wobbly but workable on my 1.5'' belt and the belt-loop is quick-on / quick-off via a snap.  

(The above reads as follows)
San Dimas
Pat. Pend.
(Dunno if these holders are retailed to the public) 

 I wish the leather artisans that craft top quality gun holsters and flashlight holders would do the same for pepper-spray.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I won't be joining any 'Nike' boycott. You see, I never spent a dime on any 'Nike' branded product ... ever ... not for me, not for my Daughter, not for my Granddaughter ...

When I was a kid, 'Nike' meant the missiles intended to thwart an enemy bomber attack on Chicago.  'Keds' were the most most heavily marketed brand of sneakers that I can remember ... 'Converse' also comes to mind.  I wore whatever bargains my parents could afford (they had five children), including hand-me-downs from relatives.  The fashions or brands that were in vogue never became a priority for my folks.

As a kid I promised myself that someday I would have enough money to attire myself in style.

As a yound adult I promised myself that I would NOT let peer or social pressure dictate what I was going to wear.

As a parent and grandparent I promised myself that I would not directly contribute to my charges being part of the "haves" lording their lives and clothing over the "have nots."

Both my Daughter and my Granddaugter at some time or another requested over-priced, in demand 'Nike' products as gifts.  They were told that it was against my principles ... especially during the time when 'Nike' was using sweatshop child-labor.  However, they were told that I would give each of them the cash needed for them to buy the 'Nike' product if they chose to do so, that I wasn't going to force my values on them.  It may be that my memory is old and foggy ... I don't remember them ever wearing 'Nike' shit ... then again, they may have been sly enough to never wear it if I was around ... simply to spare themselves from a repeat of my 'Nike' lecture.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Many in Hollywood seem to wonder why we unwashed commoners believe that the film industry is nothing more than a collective of drug-addled elitist dimwits

Hollywood sucks.
The last time I spent money inside a movie-theater was circa 2011.
The last time I spent money purchasing a flick online was circa 2013.
The Networks suck.
I haven't paid a dime for cable or satellite TV for over a quarter of a century.

Sunday, September 2, 2018


I remember that the CUB SCOUTS and the BOY SCOUTS had a thing about BEING PREPARED.  All of my antecedents were spawned from tough southern pioneer stock;  they were from a culture of preparedness.  I also learned hard lessons from many of the people who employed my dumb young lazy ass.  Most kids back then learned even when we chose not to learn; nowadays, I dunno ... maybe so ... maybe no.  All hope is not lost; even without a mindset for PREparing, humans can be infinitely resourceful when they need to be.  Some folks choose to live a hardened lifestyle.  As far as me, not so much ... I have evolved from a dumb young lazy ass into a dumb old lazy ass ... but my nature is to try to prepare for whatever comes our way ... and follow the easiest path.

There's things out there for all of us to learn.  Here are few sites I follow ...

Others are listed on the sidebar of this blogsite.

Hang in there.


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