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Monday, October 29, 2018

What the world needs is a clip-on front-sight ramp-cover for the S&W J Frame

Something is out there ... ready to be repurposed ... somewhere ...

Yeah, I know about using bright tape or iridescent toenail polish.

Yeah, I also know about paying a smithy to machine a new sight ...

Somewhere out there is a piece of brightly colored u-channel edging material of some sort that could be cut to size ...

Somewhere ... somehow ...

Trim it to length with a razor knife ... snap it on ... if it gets grungy or brittle, toss it and trim another one to size; quick and easy.

Somewhere ...

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Monthly Weigh-In 10/25/2018 = 195 lbs; down 5 lbs from last month; down 30 lbs so far this year

Yep.  That looks maybe to be just about right.

One month ago I was skeptical about losing any weight during the remainder or this year.   Just as other mammals in similar climes, I believe humans are instinctively driven to fatten up at this time of year in preparation for the long, cold, winter months ahead.

The next challenge for me will be ... TRICK OR TREAT!  Candy stocked up in the days before (and what is left-over following) Halloween has been a traditional oinking pig-fest indulgence of mine for many years.  How will I manage to weather this year?  MONEY!  Yep, this year I am going to be handing out cold hard coins to the kiddies.  Besides, that seems like a more fitting tradition for a Chicagoland suburb ... somebody wearing a mask beats on your door, shouts an ultimatum, grabs your goods, and then runs away.

Any kid wearing a Hillary mask will earn double dinero.

Monday, October 22, 2018

This election is OVAH!

Over, at least for me.  DONE DONE DONE!

Yeah, I know that I was going vote at the end of last week BUT I did not notice until the last possible moment before I left the house that the only early-voting-site was at the Lake County Courthouse in beeeeeoootiful downtown Waukegan.   I decided to wait until this week when the closer early-voting-sites became available.  The last thing I expected to see at the polling place was a line ... WOW ... lots of folks ... lots and lots and lots ... 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Civics is

"... the study of the rights and duties of citizenship."

Tomorrow morning or early afternoon I'll likely mosey on down to the local early-voting-site and get my duty over and done with.

I spent most of today's daylight hours re-re-re-reviewing the candidates and the issues.

Anyone running unopposed = NO VOTE FOR YOU ... even if I kinda like ya.

Some Libertarian candidates will get my nod as will some Republicans ... and at least one Democrat: Illinois Secretary of State, Incumbent Jesse White.  He likely is the most honest person EVER to serve in office during the long sordid history of Illinois politics.  He probably is as righteous as human flesh can be in this crazy world.  Anyhoo, he took the historically corrupt Secretary of State office and crafted it into a model of how honest and efficient government is supposed to function.

Gotta get this election off my "to do" list ... gotta move on to other pressing matters.

Hereafter I think I am just gonna do my early voting in my underwear ... via U.S. Mail.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Chernobyl Kitteh

Welcome home pal.

Freak developed a thyroid condition; of all of the available treatments we chose the nuclear option.  We had Freak nuked on Monday; his residual radiation level was low enough today for us to bring him back home.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Saturday, October 6, 2018

I hemorrhaged some serious cash during "Preparedness Month."

(Little white box on floor by footing tile sump pit is a water detection alarm in case of pump failure)

(Orange cord hanging from the pipe is for hooking sump pumps to outside emergency generator)

The water heater went out … twenty-years-old and it finally sprang a leak. I’ve changed three water heater tanks during my lifetime and decided that I did not want to suffer through the physical and mental rigors of doing a fourth. Yessiree, plumbers are horribly expensive. Since I had the plumbers here for the water heater replacement, I decided to be proactive and have them replace both basement sump pumps (one services the footing tile sump and the other the basement floor drain sump).  The footing tile pump gets a lot of use when it rains, the floor drain pump only rarely (pretty much just the AC condensate … and when the heater tank springs a leak ... and in the event the aforementioned pump for the footing tile should fail). The floor drain pump was twenty-years-old and the footing tile pump was replaced by me in 2013 late 2012 … both of these new pumps and their respective new controls and new check-valves are hopefully good for the next decade or two.

Further still on this financial misadventure, two of our twenty-year-old faucets needed service … the one for the guest bath / shower quit working on the hot-water side around eleven-years ago … the one in the main bedroom bath / shower recently developed an irritating drip drip drip … both are Moen brand fixtures that use replacement cartridges for "easy" repair IF YOU CAN GET THE SPECIAL TOOL needed for the job. I did consider completely replacing both fixtures myself but I have no talent for soldered piping … anyhoo, the plumbers had a hell of time doing it the “easy way” with the replacement cartridges ... soooooo I am ever so happy that I did not try to do the repairs on those faucets myself.

The bottom line is that I have substantially increased my peace of mind while substantially lowering the savings balance … no new car will be parked in the driveway anytime soon … and there will be no plans in the near future for any substantial vacations … but, what the hell ...

Monday, October 1, 2018

To shoot or not to shoot. Today is SENIOR DISCOUNT DAY at the Zion Range. I need the distraction ...

I really don't feel like doing anything lately; t'is the season for the overpowering blues; wake me up on Grrrrroundhog Day and let the recovery process begin.  I need to move my bad attitude to a latitude less conducive to lassitude ... the State of Illinois sucks as a whole but northern Illinois is the suckiest part of the state during the season of short days.  WAAAAH!  POOR ME!

Both of these revolvers need to have their respective carry loads freshened up; both are due for a general cleaning to be rid of the accumulation of concealed-carry grunge.   I guess I could make the cleaning worthwhile for at least one of them ...

This is the beginning of the 10th month of this year and if I do go shooting it will be only my 4th range session for the year ... oh well ...  no question about me needing some live fire practice.

Once I burn off the carry ammo, I'll shoot another 30-rounds of ball ammo in an Illinois Concealed Carry Qualification drill:
10 rounds @ 15 feet
10 rounds @ 21 feet
10 rounds @ 30 feet

If I choose the airweight 442 no-dash I'll shoot the milder white box loads.
If I choose the steel 640 no-dash I'll shoot the somewhat hotter red box loads.
In my youth I would have taken them both to the range ... I just don't feel up to it nowadays ... I'm all wimped out.

Whichever revolver I take, I'll also be practicing with those Safariland speed reload thingamajigs.