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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Monthly Weigh-in 04/30/2019 = UNCHANGED at 185-lbs

Egads, I almost forgot to log this month's weigh-in.  I've been consistently weighing in a couple of pounds under 185 but never could score any better than that this month.  The log sheet will stay at 185.  This is where I could easily lose interest in dieting because I don't have any physical discomfort.  Losing weight was motivate by pain, not by vanity.  The belt is now comfortably on the middle notch, a spot that has rarely been used without contributing to intermittent agony.   The jeans are Lee Wranglers and ride pretty much where I prefer.  Most of the blubber that I need to lose is above the belt line.  I've returned pretty much to tucking in my shirt ... untucked shirts hide both guns and blubber ... I've had to rethink some of my attire for IWB carry.

My eating is still under control and the warmer weather has me working more outside.  I was hoping to be at 180 by now ... I'm optimistic that I'll have it by the end of May.  We shall see ...

.45 ACP SQUIB on the range 04/29/2019

Unless my memory has misfiled something, I never before experienced a SQUIB with a .45 ACP when using "factory-new" ammunition (as opposed to "factory reloads" from some of the reputable major players ... forget about the experiences with the abominable cottage-industry-kitchen-table-reloads sold by some ranges).  During this particular range session it happened to me twice, on consecutive rounds of ammo.   Each time it happened I noticed the difference in recoil and noise and stopped to examine the pistol.  Each examination found that the action had failed to cycle (spent case was still in the chamber) but (fortunately) the bullet had cleared the muzzle, i.e. it was not lodged in the barrel.  After suffering this twice, I decided not to trust the final round in the magazine that came from the last of the same box of ammo; I asked the range safety officer to dispose of it for me.

I decided not to reveal the manufacturer / brand of the subject ammo in this blog post because this lot of ammo is no less than ten-years-old and the open box that the rounds came from was not stored under the best conditions.   I have 100-rounds left of this lot ... twenty-five-rounds each in two open boxes on the shelf and one full box of fifty-rounds.  I also have two full boxes of fifty rounds each of this brand from a different lot.  I intend on using all of them before anything else that I have in inventory, albeit with an extra critical eye and ear.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Earth Day +5, year 2019; snowing again in Northeastern Lake County, Il; to save the world I headed on over to Mary's Greenhouse in Gurnee.

Today is the opening day for the 2019 growing season at Mary's Greenhouse.  I am on a mission;  the only way to save the world is via FLOWER POWER! (My formative years were during the 1950's and 1960's.) 

Mary is prudently keeping most of the flowers inside for now; the flowers that are currently outside will likely be under glass by this evening.

I grabbed three flats of petunias and 'dragons, paid my bill, loaded up the pre-Y2K van and headed back on home.

Some of those flowers will be planted inside a few squares of the driveway border while the balance will be on the flower-wall and tabletops.

The 'dragons are not amused.   A hard freeze is likely tonight.
(all flowers are currently quartered inside the cozy garage)

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

An old S. D. Myres Holster for a S&W J Frame

The craftsmanship is pure Myres elegance.

This holster was included when I bought a used S&W Chiefs Special from a local gun store a few years ago; I was too lazy to dig that particular revolver out of the safe for these photos so I just used my carry S&W Centennial.  Will I ever use this holster for daily carry?  Nope, it is just a cherished collectable from a different era ... from a time when some lawmen (Bill Jordan, Tom Threepersons, et al) and some common-folks preferred holsters that kept a handgun's trigger exposed.   

I tell ya, it's a darling little speed scabbard.  

How old is this holster?  Well, golly ... it's hard to say with any certainty.  The S&W Chief's Special first came to be in 1950 and the S. D. Myres Holsters of El Paso closed its doors in 1969  ... that's a window of possibilities that spans 19-years  ... the broadest answer is that this holster is somewhere between 50-years-old and 69-years-old (same answer that I give to folks wanting to know how old I am).   To narrow it down would take some sleuthing.  In the above photo, just below the makers mark and just above the stitching there looks to be a number tattooed into the leather ... maybe "476" ... Myres catalogs did use designated model numbers ... copies of old Myres catalogs still exist ... there is a (perhaps remote) possibility of finding a catalog that was published when this J-frame holster (with a near or matching look) was first offered.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The weather is no more daffy than usual for this time of year in Lake County, Illinois

A few days ago this daffodil looked like it opened just enough to see if it was safe;  it never did fully open; that may have been a harbinger.


A couple of days ago I got all excited about some snow flurries.

My early snapdragons looked at me like "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!" The extended forecast back then seemed okay with the exception of Sunday night being predicted to be marginally cold enough to require me to move them to shelter.  Things were fine all day Saturday.


I guess maybe I should have checked for an updated forecast before bedtime.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Today the Colt Agent .38 revolver was unloaded, cleaned, and semi-retired.

I put the original grips back on.  It was always a bit easier to carry that way.  A great little handgun for IWB, shoulder, or pocket carry.  I moved it to another safe where it will be out of the way.

To read the first post that I did on the Agent CLICK HERE.

To read the second post that I did on the Agent CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Federal 9mm 115-grain +P+ 9BPLE and a Glock 26 at 5-Star Firearms in Zion, Illinois 03/18/2019

This is my preferred carry load for the Glock-26.  Once upon a time the 9BPLE was colloquially known in some gun-circles as the Illinois State Police Load.  ISP was the first major USA law enforcement agency to transition from revolvers to semi-auto pistols.  The 9mm S&W Model 39 was the first issued ISP duty semi-auto and initially had problems feeding hollowpoint ammo ... the 9mm ball ammo fed well but did not have much of a reputation for stopping murderous miscreants any more reliably than did the .38 special.  Federal's ammunition designers came up with a standard pressure 115-grain hollowpoint (Federal 9BP) that proved to feed reliably but it occasionally failed to expand in tissue.  The higher pressure of the 9BPLE load provided the added velocity needed for the bullet to reliably expand, making it a widely recognized high-percentage stopper for the dire situations that patrolman often faced.


The Glock 26 pictured above is the gun that I used for my initial Illinois concealed carry qualification (just under 5-years-ago) and I have not had it to the range since (shame on me).  I haven't carried it very often since I purchased the Glock 43.  It is still an old friend, an easy pistol to shoot; it is accurate and reliable; the standard 10-round magazines make reloads easy to manage at each of the 3 distances mandated for the 30-round qualification.  I have a concealed-carry-license renewal coming up shortly; this pistol will again see me through.  The range session that I wrote about farther down the page was just a dress rehearsal for my as yet unscheduled official qualification session (which will likely be sometime in May).  
Except for the thickness, the 10-round Glock 26 has the same overall dimensions as the 6-round Glock 43.  The grip length on both pistols feels awkward (to me) especially in the palm area of the hand. Because of my preference for +P loads, I need the pinky-finger magazine extensions on both the G26 and G43 to help me manage the extra recoil-generated "jumpiness".   Boot-gripped J-frame S&W revolvers feel better in my hand but the mini-Glocks are noticeably easier for me to shoot; it's nice to do a range session and not have my arthritic hand torture me for a couple weeks afterwards; handgun shooting is a repetitive stress that can aggravate old hand and wrist injuries.


Target set at 15-feet (5-yards)
Yeah, that photo pretty much shows how my old eyes sees the target.
My left eye is better than my right eye so I shoot cross-dominant.   In the photo above, my first 10-rounds have been fired at the target;  can you see the bullet holes?  Black targets always seem hard for me to work with.  Sooooo we'll have to wheel in the target to see how I did.  
Okay.  First 10-rounds were good enough at 15-feet ... 


Target set at 21-feet (7-yards)
For the most part at this distance, even though I could not see the bullet holes appearing with each shot, everything seemed in harmony with me, the G26, and the chosen ammo.  It was pure fun until I got arrogant and increased my shooting speed ...  that's when I felt myself starting to fight the extra recoil from the 9BPLE.
Yep, just as I thought.  The first 7-rounds fired at 21-feet were okey-dokey then I pushed 3-rounds down LOW.  The pair of rounds that are marked in yellow were still in the scoring zone but the round marked in red is a MISS.  If a bullet-hole is not in the numbers it does not count in Illinois; if I put 30-rounds in the head of the silhouette during a qualification I just wasted time and ammo, my score is ZERO.  21-rounds out of the required total 30-rounds fired (10-rounds each distance) must land somewhere on or inside the 7-ring of the target.


Target set at 30-feet (10-yards)
Final phase of this qualification drill, only 10-rounds to go.  Okay, let's see if I can regain my marginal mojo.  FOCUS, BREATHE, SQUEEZE, RESET;  FOCUS, BREATHE, SQUEEZE, RESET 
Only a single round (marked in yellow) of the 10-rounds fired at 30-feet was outside the 9-ring; the other rounds clustered in with the bulk of the others.

For this exercise session, of the required 30-rounds, 29-rounds were in the scoring rings ... BUT there are some instructors who do not like making judgement calls about how many bullets went through a ragged hole; if the instructor believes that 21-rounds did not go inside the scoring rings then it is a reshoot ...

Some instructors are adamant about counting only "distinguishable holes"... if this practice session was the real deal with such an instructor, all shooters in the class likely would have received directions beforehand to "SPREAD THEM OUT!"


This was one of my better days and I had 25-rounds of ammo and a miniature target left in the bag ... so I decided to have some fun and push into my zones of suckiness.

Mini-Target set at 45-feet (15-yards)

Above is the target after 5-rounds.


Above is the target after 15-rounds


Above is the target after 25-rounds
Were all 25-rounds "on paper?"
well ... let's see ... hmmm
7 of the "distinguishable holes" were outside of the scoring rings.
12 of the "distinguishable holes" were inside the scoring rings.
I'm confident that I could argue that at least 4-rounds made the "ragged hole" inside the 8-ring.
That leaves 2-rounds unaccounted for ...
The zone of suckiness wins again.
55-rounds total for the day
Good fun.


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