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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Dear Weblog, I've got nuttin'.

Did the monthly air-filter change ... it's too wet outside for mowing ... the interwebz news is same same same ... yawn, stretch, scratch, burp ... the litter boxes await ...  groceries are running low so I guess it is time for a short road trip.

That is all.  Over and out.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Monthly Weigh-in 05/24/2019 = 180-lbs; Official weight-loss for 2019 = 10-lbs; Total weight-loss for this project = 45-lbs;

Dear Diet Diary,

It was around one-year ago when I began blogging about this effort.  Time moves faster than does a war against blubber and that is a natural fact.  That's me inside the size XL teeshirt above.  No, I haven't lost so much weight that I have achieved translucence; under certain lighting the "selfie" lens on my archaic iPod Touch gets weird ... I kinda like the effect ...

Buckling the well worn Matt Del Fatti gun belt into the #3 hole does little to nothing insofar as keeping my britches up but using the #4 hole puts more than a bit too much of a squeeze on my anatomy.  Right now, AIWB carry works out to be just about perfect in taking up any slack and keeping my trousers from falling.

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I kept some jeans from back in the days when I sported a size 32 waist ... that may have been 30-years or more ago ... I intend on wearing them again.  As a sign of my determination, I gave away all of my pants with the size 36 waist; should I ever return to a weight when I again need pants with a 36 waist I'm very certain that they would need to bury me in them soon thereafter.   For the present, the size 34 waist is comfortable albeit a bit too loose at times; it is still too soon for me to try wiggling into a size 32.

So, do I find that the loss of 45-pounds gives me boundless energy?  Well, not really.  I am decades older than when I last was at this weight ... I am more active after losing the weight but not much more energetic or ambitious ... maybe a little bit but not a whole lot ... I am a lazy ass by nature.   I feel generally better overall ... healthier ... and my old knees appreciate not carrying the extra load.  Sticking to the diet has been well worth it but, truth be told, it is not the intoxicating giant slurp from the fountain of youth that I had hoped for ... so far it has been like a buzzy little sip.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

My tech discipline is in need of reconditioning

Finally, I got around to backing up the drive on my 2011 vintage MacBook Pro.  My last backup was on 12/31/2018 ... kind of a New Year thing I guess.  I had to put a new battery in the MacBook myself in mid January of this year (Apple throws owners of old devices to the curb).  As soon as I get a firm word on when Apple will no longer send software updates I'll buy a new one.

I suppose I should consider going back to making triplicate backups on separate storage devices with one of them stored offsite ... but I dunno ...  sometimes it is hard to muster the energy to keep up with everything ... if I don't do it I may someday wish I had ... if I go to the extremes and wind up never needing it I may someday wonder why I bothered.

I was schooled to avoid living a life full of "shoulda coulda woulda" regrets ...  I guess it is better to have the backups and not need them than to kick myself for being a lazy old bastard that knew better ...

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Painted the front sight and replaced the yoke screw on my old Smith & Wesson 442-0 (AKA 442 no-dash)

There has been just a perceptible bit of in-and-out play in the yoke for some time.  A new yoke screw made things tight as new.

My tired old eyes need some help; the black-blade front-sight and the black-gutter rear-sight slows me down.  Photo above is after two coats of flat white paint as a base and one coat of red paint.  That's better but kinda "meh."

My eyes found it more agreeable after two additional coats of red.  

Each serration on the blade needed to be cleaned with alcohol before painting.  I hate detail work but there wasn't any choice.  Holster-time, body-slime, and range-grime will be determine how durable this proves to be.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Earth Day +14, 2019; Got maybe half of the flowers out of the flats and either into pots or the ground.

Pulled the center bricks from a few sections of the driveway border and got the flowers in.

We'll see how well they grow in.  I tried this a few years ago and was "meh" about the results.  For this attempt I changed to a lighter colored brick for framing the flowers.  So far I like it ...

Saturday, May 4, 2019

The explosion sounded like it could have been somewhere down the street but it turned out to be around five miles northeast of us. Wow!

CLICK HERE for the story.

I never would have guessed the noise that I heard was from that far away.  

EDIT:  My nephew worked there and is okay; he was on his way to his shift when it blew.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Colt Combat Commander .45 ACP Range Session #3 was on 04/29/2019 at 5-Star Firearms in Zion, Il

The last time I had this pistol to the range was in August of last year.  Yeah ... I know ... I'm a Fudd ...

Glocks and glockalike designs pretty much rule the market of what cops / agents carry off-duty or undercover nowadays.  I've mentioned before about the above handgun being part of a cop's estate sale (via a local gun store in case you are rabidly concerned about "legal transfer in Illinois").  Once upon a time in America, even with those minimalist sights, handguns like this were top selections for serious business.  This pistol is no less than what it once was but nowadays the lighter weight handguns that have better sights and hold more rounds of ammo are standard issue for law enforcement, on duty and off duty.   What do "most" citizens prefer for concealed carry?  Hell, I won't pretend to know what "most" people do.  I will safely guess that at least a small percentage would choose something akin to the this heavy old Colt.  Would they be better served with something else?  I have no opinion on that;  I'm very "pro choice."  What other people have inside their pants is none of my business.   It would not surprise me to someday learn that pistols like this became common for concealed carry inside states that passed those silly laws regarding magazine capacity.

 I mentioned in an earlier post about some SQUIBS during this range session.  That was an ammo issue, not a handgun mechanical malfunction.  

This range session was a continuation of my functional shake down of this old pistol.  There are six of the seven-round-capacity magazines and one ten-round-capacity (extended) magazine in the above case / kit.  These are the magazines that I have segregated for use with this particular handgun.  Only three of the seven-round-capacity magazines have previously been "proven" with this handgun.  To a large degree, this range session was to prove the function of the unused mags and re-prove the others.  Most of you already know that a semi-auto without a magazine is, at best, just a clumsy-to-use single-shot.  A bad magazine can turn a mechanically sound pistol into something as functionally worthless as having boobs on a snake, so I tend to be quite persnickety ...  any mag involved in a misfeed gets marked ... if it receives a third mark it is retired to the "recreational range bag" ... mags that get too frustrating for fun-time use are mercilessly flattened with a hammer.

This session was with FMJ ball ammunition ... if a magazine cannot reliably feed ball ammo I have no confidence in it ever being reliable with self-defense hollowpoint ammunition.  My next shakedown phase will be a range session using only my preferred .45 ACP hollowpoint ammunition.   If the handgun and those magazines pass that phase, then this pistol (with those mags) will be declared suitable for carry / travel.

Target #1 set at 30-feet, 20-rounds fired (3 x 7-round mags minus a potential squib round)
Aw jeez, I was expecting to shoot better than that.  I planned on shooting the first target at 30-feet then working on my 45-feet suckiness with the second target; no sense in sticking with that plan.

Target #2, again at 30-feet, turned out just a wee bit better.
31 rounds fired (3 x 7-round magazines + 1 x 10-round magazine)

51-rounds total fired this session.
Still no reliability issues with this old handgun.
All magazines proved reliable during this visit.  Next time will be with all hollowpoints.


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