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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Still learning how to accurately shoot double-action revolvers at a faster pace

This old 6-round S&W .22 rimfire J-frame kit gun is an affordable training aid to use as I endeavor to improve my accuracy when shooting fast with my double-action centerfire snub J-frame revolvers. It's double-action trigger sucks just as much as the triggers do on my snub J-frame revolvers. Other than the difference in sight radius, it is a decent enough surrogate.  I changed from the original slim wooden grips long ago to grips that fit my mitt; this J-frame is a square butt model so I am not able to use the same boot grips that are on my round-butt snub J-frames.

The light, short and sweet single-action trigger of this .22 target pistol is for comparison; i.e. I'll shoot the same basic speed drill with both guns on separate sheets in order to critique my baseline levels of suckiness and compare one to the other. 

What inspired this session was a Grant Cunningham article that I found helpful (CLICK HERE).  Further, I compromised my hesitancy to watch YouTube videos (I try not to feed the Google Beast) where I gleaned further insight from Grant (CLICK HERE). Keep the trigger moving, forward and back. "
Once the trigger starts moving, it doesn’t stop. The compression/release sequence should not have any interruptions or slow spots. It should feel as though it is one continuous motion—just like a golf swing!" <Grant Cunningham>


Two target-sheets were used for this session; one sheet was for the revolver and the other for the semi-auto.  Each sheet has 6-targets, each measuring 5.5 inches across, which I perforated as fast as I could at different distances (9-ft, 12-ft, 15-ft, 18-ft, 21-ft, and 24-ft)

Sheet labeled #2 was the first (yeah, I know that sounds ass backwards) 

Shooting started at 9-feet and ended at 24-feet.  

I dropped one shot at 18-feet onto the target below it.

6-rounds were fired at each target on the sheet except for the final target where I needed to do some extra work. My zone of suckiness when fast-shooting this revolver is 24-feet; the blue colored circles show my off-paper misses.

Flipping the sheet over confirms that my revolver fast-shooting groups fall apart at 24-feet. Good to know.  

Now we go to the semi-auto and shoot the other sheet.

Shooting started at 9-feet and ended at 24-feet.  

20-rounds (2 full mags) were fired at each target on the sheet except for the final target where I fired extra rounds just to finish the remains of a box of ammo. I don't believe that this sheet shows where my zone of extreme suckiness is while fast-shooting this semi-auto.  I was able the work the single action trigger at a faster pace than I could with the revolver but I didn't spray any bullets off target.  I'd like to tighten the groups up a bit in the future,

This was a fun exercise and one that I intend to do regularly; hopefully my shooting will improve to where I want it to be.


I suffered through decades of shooting at ranges that prohibited practicing fast-shooting (AKA Rapid Fire). Verbal instructions and / or posted signs stated "No less than one full second between shots." Say this out loud folks, "one one-thousand BANG, two one-thousand BANG, three one thousand BANG." That was as fast as you could go or you risked being banished. Compare that to the "BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG" of fast-shooters (Jerry Miculek makes revolvers sound like machine guns).  What's fast for me may be slow for you or vice versa. IMHO, if I am not hitting what I am aiming at when fast-shooting then the firearm is downright dangerous to whatever is downrange or in the near vicinity of the intended target.  

Above is a grainy zoomed range photo of a target set at 45-feet.  See the multitude of gouges on the noise attenuation panels to the left of the target?  They are from wild shots over a period of time.  Shooting range owners really dislike wild-ass shooters; they love folks who shoot within their abilities.  

"My advice to you is to get yourself a gun and learn how to use it.”

Support YOUR local shooting range!  You may live to be glad that you did.


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