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Monday, March 22, 2021

A Mom's love for her son. A Son's love of life and family.

Naperville Dave sent me this via email.  It is a heartwrenching family story of suffering, courage, and compassion.


Linda’s second cousin (son of her first cousin) passed away from cancer at the age of 37. He had cancer since high school. We attended the wake. This letter from his mother was posted on FB. 

Read below about Steven's Story in a letter from his Mom;

Steven Bermes passed away on March 8, 2021 at the age of 37. He was the best son, father, husband and brother but more than that, he was a fighter who wanted nothing more than time with all of us. 

Steven was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 18. During these 18 years he had 18 surgeries, and over 50 months of chemo. During these 18 years, Steven had the bone in his arm replaced with a metal one, his shoulder removed and so many pieces of his lung removed that at the end, even his oxygen machine couldn't help. 

Through all of these years, he never complained or felt the least bit sorry for himself. He last phone call to me was "Hi Mom, how are you?" He ALWAYS asked me that. I would always reply "Fine, how are you?" I was his "go to" for medical questions, always wishing I had more answers for him. When he would call and say "is Dad there?" it would be about the Blackhawks. I always told him soooo many times how sorry I was that he had to go through all of this and his reply would be "Its okay Mom." But as any mother knows, it's not okay. 

Steven married Suzanne in 2008 who was not just his wife but his best friend and confidant. Steven adopted her son Nathan who he loved as his own. In 2013 they had a daughter, Brynlee, who was an absolute miracle. She just turned 8 in January. My heart breaks every time I think about how he will not see her grow into a beautiful young woman. He will miss her prom, her graduation, all the important milestones in her life. She will miss him walking her down the aisle, and Nate will miss him at his wedding and they both will miss him spoiling his grandkids. I miss his calls, his texts, and his Sunday visits with Brynlee. I have cried so many tears this past week. I can't stop thinking about him. I have his picture on my fridge which I talk to all the time and his picture on my mirror in my bedroom where I say good night to him every night and good morning to him every morning. I find myself talking to him as if he is still here. I will never stop. He will be in my heart forever. 

Please consider giving to his family. He has numerous medical bills and I know Suzanne needs support for the education of Nate and Brynlee. His Dad and I, as well as Steven's brother Matt and sister Becky, need nothing more than your prayers to get us through this awful time. We love you and will miss you Steven, now and forever. 




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