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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Situation report

All systems still chaotic but manageable.

Our sick blind old cat still has the will to live and he still has my total support.  He finds the food dishes, the water dishes, and the litter boxes on his own.  He still manages the stairs okay and still insists on being a cat. He will be our last feline family member, at least for a while.  We quit traveling (as much as possible) several years ago because of his severe separation anxiety and advanced age.  He is the 5th cat that adopted us over the years.

I'm targeting a large (not huge, but not insubstantial) lump of cash to pay off the mortgage in late August or early September; the mortgage company will be making this year's final property tax payment from escrow during that time frame and it works out better for me that way.  Afterwards, I'll set the taxes up to be paid by direct county-withdrawals (a blind act of faith) for our subsequent years.  With the outrageous property taxes in Lake County, Illinois it is a wonder why anyone would want to live here.  Relocation is not out of the question for us.  Providence and obligations willing, we intend to resume traveling someday and may find an area with friendlier seasonal climates and responsible government spending.  I'm not in love with this house or this area.

Our year-2020 income taxes are now done / submitted / with copies filed away.

The 2021 license plates and emission testing of the old Chevy Cobalt are now finished.  Annual maintenance of the newer VW Tiguan will be due around September.

I finally made good on all of the promises I made that were interrupted / delayed by the Covid-19 lockdowns and the outbreaks of peaceful rioting.  I was taught that when a man promises, a man delivers or he is not a man.  I wish I could say that I had a perfect life-long record abiding that sentiment, but I do try.

I finally got around to registering my Medicare prescription drug card with a local pharmacy.  Now I need to find a local doctor, I haven't been to one in 9-years and my former primary care physician has moved out of this area (yep, our cats have had better health care than I have). For a while during this Covid-19 mayhem no doctors in this area were taking new patients.  A top-notch hospital just opened a satellite facility nearby and they say their doctors are taking on new patients.  I need to get over there and get signed in.  If and when I get any Covid-19 needle poke it will be under their care (in case of complications). I'm 69-years-old and darned if I do and darned if I don't.  Dunno what to believe nowadays.  I'm in no hurry for the jab; kinda would like to see how the folks who took the early jabs weather the next couple of years before I take mine.  We'll see what my new doctor has to say.

Another administrative detail of later-life will be moving the wife off of the current supplemental health insurance policy at the end of this year (or shortly thereafter) over to Medicare (and the requisite Medicare supplements).  

I found the time and energy to do a modicum of yard work; the flowers are doing okay but I really need to get more potting soil before I can do more planting. A local greenhouse opens for the season today so I may be able to check some more items off my "to do" list.

EDITED TO ADD: I tried starting the zero-turn riding mower around noon and the vintage 2017 battery was so dead the solenoid wouldn't even click.  I tried charging it and my favorite high-tech charger blew up in my face; sunglasses can work as safety glasses, thank goodness. I took the old battery out of the mower and boogied on over to NAPA just before closing.  Once I got the mower reassembled I decided I might as well change the oil before trying to start it.  The new battery did the trick and the mower fired up after cranking for about 30-seconds.  I mowed the yard then blew the trimmings off of the mower, the drive, and the sidewalks then called it a day.

The need for surviving with only 3-hours of sleep per night is over (at least for the moment). I have had 4-nights in a row with no less than a total of 7-hours sleep (I wish I could say it was uninterrupted sleep).  I am in my 3rd day of caffeine and nicotine detox.  There are limits to the positve effects of the aforementioned. I liked nicotine more when it was administered via fine cigars instead of via transdermal patches and / or lozenges.  


Hang in there.  Better days are coming. 



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