Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GLOCK DAY Saturday 12/10/2016 at GAT Guns of East Dundee, Illinois


GAT GUNS PRESENTS GLOCK DAY, Saturday, December 10th.

The Glock Rep will be in the store to talk about the Glock pistols. There will be some specials on selected Glock guns and some free items with purchase of a new Glock pistol.

(Text and images above are a copy and paste from an email I received from GAT Guns)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

WOMENS INTRODUCTION TO HANDGUN class at Caliber Gun Range of Waukegan, Illinois (formerly known as GTR Sporting Club)

(TEXT BELOW is a copy-and-paste from an email I received from Caliber Gun Range

This class is for anyone interested in learning how to shoot a handgun even if you have never shot or owned one before.
All students will spend half of their training session in a classroom environment and the last half honing your new skills on our shooting range
  • Safety procedures for all firearms
  • Handgun Manipulation
  • Loading/Unloading
  • 5 Basic Skills to Handgun Shooting
  • Individual Certificates issued to each student.
  • Ear & Eye Protection and Targets
  • .22 Caliber Handgun and 50 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Full hour plus of training by National Certified Training Instructor 

Start time:              6:30
Wednesday:          December 14, 2016.  More classes on 12/21 & 12/28
Fee:                           $125
Class Limit             8 Students
Register:                  Call (847) 782-8888
Please, no open toe shoes, tank tops or low cut tops. Baseball cap suggested.

ZACK EDIT: The above clothing restrictions are for safety reasons.  When fired, semi-auto pistols eject HOT brass casings that can cause burns; people have negligently shot themselves due to the distraction of having hot brass land inside clothing.

Monday, December 5, 2016

REVIEW of the Star Shower Laser Light

Retail price is ~$40 each.  
It will likely take more than one fixture to get anywhere near the results that you are seeking.

To get the results that we wanted for the back of the house, we wound up using three fixtures.   
Was it all worth it?  I dunno; kinda, maybe; yeah.  

I've always enjoyed the winter snow-cover on our patio and backyard vegetation but often fancifully wondered if holiday lights would be an enhancement.  Above is a photo of the remains of our first measurable snowfall for the winter season of 2016 - 2017.

Above is a photo of the laser lights on the snow (the display is just kinda okay without snow).

As we expected, the laser display colors are more subdued when our rear security lights go on.  
Even then, we found the effect to be worthwhile.

CAVEAT:  The above photo is my attempt to show some of the laser "overspray" that is showing high in the trees, near and far.  The point being is that these lasers could be a nuisance to drivers on the road and on the highway beyond the treeline in back of us; we also use care to void anything shining through the windows of houses near and far.  

Even at a distance, my eyes find that a quick flash from a beam can be noticeably painful.  

DISCLAIMER: As always at this blog site, this product review is simply a good old-fashioned campfire chat; this is not an opinion on what I feel you should or should not purchase or what you should be using.  What does or does not work for me could be many country miles away from your tastes and needs.  All products that I review for this blog are purchased at retail price by me.  I do not accept payment, gifts, discounts, "freebies," products on loan, demon alcohol, drugs, probation, parole, Presidential Pardons, or sexual favors for doing any review.  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

AR-15 class on December 17, 2016 at Caliber Gun Range of Waukegan, Illinois (formerly known as GTR Sporting Club)

(TEXT BELOW is a copy-and-paste from an email I received) 
Caliber Gun Range will be holding an AR-15 class on December 17, 2016.  The class will contain the following:
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Re-assembly
  • Maintenance
  • Zeroing Iron Sights or Optics
  • Clearing Malfunctions
  • Alternate Firing Positions
  • Basic Drills
Location: Caliber Gun Range
                3059 Washington St
                Waukegan, IL 60085

Time:  Starts 1:30pm Ends 6:30pm
Cost: $125
Please bring eye and ear protection, 300 rounds of non-penetrating ammo, basic cleaning kits and something to take notes with.
If you do not have any or one of these items we are offering a special in the Armory for anyone who signs up for this class a 15% discount.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at:
(847) 782-8888

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SALE on Lefty Lewis holsters at Bell Charter Oak

Merry Christmas to ME!  Life is good.  I just got off the phone with Ann at Bell Charter Oak.  I decided that, on top of the reasonable prices to begin with,  the sale / free-shipping savings would be enough of a cost-offset to justify the indulgence of my splurging for the option of expedited orders on each of the following Lefty Lewis IWB holsters.

Chicago Rocker 
Gaylord Holdout II

Each holster is for interchangeable use with my Colt Detective Special and my Colt Agent.