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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Dayum! This is the first time that I ever had a speed-strip rot away before it wore out.

I'm guessing that this particular strip is as old as my "grown and on her own" granddaughter.  I unceremoniously toss any strip into the garbage if it fails to retain any of the cartridges during the routine shake tests, the fumbling during range-time sessions, or during the practice sessions at home when I'm using snap-cap dummy rounds.  This particular strip has been my carry reload for a couple of years now and was given the shake-down test daily. The cartridges in my daily carry revolver were exchanged with those in the reload strip monthly.  I have long noticed that the pliability of this strip was getting suspect but I never once thought that it would suffer dry rot; live and learn.  I screwed up and waited too long.

I went through all of my kits and inspected each speed-strip and found two more that looked to be the same vintage as the above; although they were functionally sound they also exhibited the aforementioned loss of pliability so I tossed them out.

Once upon a time I believed that I had enough spare speed-strips to last for the balance of my lifetime. I was wrong.  It's time for me to order another package or two. 


Thursday, October 7, 2021

I quit listening to this jack wagon early on during the pandemic


IMHO, Fauci always comes across as a well lettered fraud. 

NOTHING gets me to click away from a webpage faster than this goon's image or the words "Fauci says ---."

Do you want to get my attention?  Stop the histrionics.  Quit parading these well lettered loons. 




Wednesday, September 22, 2021

An autumn reflection

One of the hardest promises to keep is the promise to remember.

Soliloquy (Copyright © 1987 James A. Zachary Jr.)

“Child! So good of you to visit old Maize! I don’t get many guests nowadays, this place bein’ so full of sadness and all. Yes, Doc say the cancer still be there and gettin’ worse. They can’t cut on me no more, they done cut out all but my soul. The worst thing is the pain, the pain. I don’t take no drugs though child, just usin’ the Tylenol and aspirin. They give morphine if I want it, had it for the operations. Wish they would promise enough just to end all of this. Can’t blame the kids and gran’children for not comin’ to see old Maize. They hurt themselves bad as the cancer hurts me, seein’ me like this, and seein’ the others that be here. Don’t know how these bills get paid, all what was to the kids’ inheritance is gone; house was sold long ago. They call this the hospice, a place for us to come to die. They be folks here that try and help by comin’ ‘round to talk ‘bout dyin’. Lord, child they do mean well but I wind up tellin’ them ‘bout livin’! They just don’t know, bein’ as young as they are. I be nearin’ seventy-four-years and most of these helpful folks, they be thirty years at best. I seen some things in my life, good and bad, done my share of both! Old Maize done some things not to be proud of, but I hurt nobody but me. Wouldn’t trade none of it! Could have left this world at twenty and not had a regret, many things I done twice, I be so old now. Don’t you go sittin’ and wishin’. You do all what is your dreams, no matter some things can’t be had, you go after them. Don’t you go sittin’, dyin’, wonderin’ what you could have done. Grow old and at least have the memories of tryin’. I don’t mean to ramble, my mind tells my mouth to keep movin’ ‘til all is said, don’t have much time anymore. Come closer and let me look at ya. Even with these thick glasses, can’t see much. Lookin’ real good, you are! Life will be good to you child, you have the gifts. No matter what you do child, you gots to promise old Maize one last thing. Promise you’ll remember me, just every so often. I don’t ‘spect you to dwell on my passin’, just give a thought of me every now and again when you feel the autumn wind in your face. That’s the only part that bothers me anymore, the fear that once I’m gone there will not even be a thought on this earth to prove me once bein’ here. Ah, I feel the sleep comin’ on again, best you be runnin’ along now. I sorry I can’t walk you out, but there ain’t much of me left. Feelin’ very tired, so very tired. Give a smile to old Maize. Thanks child, bless you.”




Sunday, September 12, 2021

Blogger Glenn B, a cancer survivor, a covid-19 survivor, is now battling a stroke.

 CLICK HERE for the details.  

Man, I tell ya, Glenn has been through the grinder these past few years.  

Please hang some prayers in the air and aim some good vibes his way.




Saturday, September 11, 2021

Nothing has changed

The following is a portion of an introspection relative to this historic date, written a while ago.

"It is impossible for me to understand many things, for only the righteous can love beyond hate, and only the righteous can possess the wisdom to understand the absurd, and only the righteous can forgive."

"I will never be a righteous man."





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