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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Beretta Neos .22 magazines work fine in the Colt Cadet (AKA Colt .22 Pistol); I ordered three more.

For a good long time I've been using a pair of Beretta Neos mags along with a pair of Colt .22 mags; this pistol doesn't care one way or the other which mag I stuff into it.  The Neos mags have a plastic butt plate is the only difference that I have noticed.  

I have one unoccupied Wilson's pistol case; it has slots for seven mags and I figured it is high time for me to assign it to the Colt .22 so I can arrange everything into a range-kit.  This will be my primary range gun until the current ammo panic subsides.  I look forward to having seven magazines for those range sessions.

EDIT 12/04/2020: They're here!  Arrived a couple of more days ago.  Hat tip to Beretta USA; they got them promptly here regardless of the impact of Covid-19 is having.  Salute!

I've got ~1,000-rounds of the Winchester loads pictured above (top photo); they are very old and now is a very good time for me to burn 'em up. 

These are standard velocity lead (with no copper wash) target loads.  They too are very old.  I have ~3,000-rounds of them and they cycle through this pistol well enough.  It's time for me to burn them out of the inventory.  They will also make good fodder for my .22 revolver range sessions.

The above Remington Viper loads are very hot but they do not lead the barrel of this pistol like the Remington Thunderbolt loads do (that's a story for another day). There's 'bout 500-rounds left in this box and they are old enough to be in college; it's time for me to burn through them too.

Grand total is ~4,500 rounds of .22 LR in the ammo cache that are expendable.  Using 200-rounds per session will get me through roughly 22-range visits.  

(Above: 10-rounds each distance, 9-feet, 12-feet, 15-feet, 21-feet, 30-feet)

I go to the range with three basic goals; be safe, have fun, and (to the best of my ability) learn something.  I'm an old short-distance tin can chaser when it comes to shooting .22 handguns.  My eyes are not good enough nor are my skills refined enough to ever put 10-rounds into a group the size of a quarter at 50-feet.  There are some amazing .22 caliber pistoleros in this world and I'll never be one of them, but it is a barrel of fun to keep on trying.

"My advice to you is to get yourself a gun and learn how to use it.”
Support YOUR local shooting range!  You may live to be glad that you did.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Covid-19 in Illinois. Pandemic or political pandemonium?

Total Illinois cases of Covid-19 by age and ethnicity from the 

Total Illinois Covid-19 deaths by age and ethnicity from the 

The IDPH charts above are not adjusted for the total populations of each age group depicted.  I did my own number crunching and graphs using the numbers above but chose not to include them in this post.  

This "second wave" was a bloody surprise to nobody.  I will forever wonder WHY, if this is such a dire emergency, the state and local governments didn't spend the months of spring, summer, and fall in a coordinated effort to reorganize our clinics and hospitals into a TRIAGE system whereby all suspected / confirmed Covid-19 cases are segregated to specialized facilities away from the clinics and hospitals handling cancer, car wrecks, heart disease, etc.  Government seems to thrive on pandemonium (IMHO).

As of this moment, of a population of ~12,600,000 there have been ~712,936 cases of Covid-19 logged so far in Illinois with ~12,833 deaths.

Comorbidity on the death numbers, especially for the elderly. 
The number of asymptomatic Covid-19 infections.

 Make of it what you will.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

MANDATORY Covid-19 vaccinations? Seriously?

Well, golly.  Roughly 330-million people in the U.S. Hmmm. Initially there will be a short supply of these elixirs.  Allow me to suggest that, since THEY are the most important people in the U.S.A., EVERY ELECTED FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL OFFICIAL, along with EVERY NOTABLE MAINSTREAM MEDIA PERSONALITY receive the first jabs. Online, over the airways, during primetime, we need each of these "leaders" to "follow the science" and get their MANDATORY shots in full view of "we, the unwashed masses of the United States." No cheating, no injections of sterile saline solution just for show, they get the real stuff before any commoner gets poked.  

Lemme be the FIRST to volunteer to be the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to be a lab rat for these fuggin' idiots.  
Jest sayin'


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