Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SKS Carbine

The SKS carbine is a well-designed, well-built, utility grade firearm once imported from China in such bulk that you could purchase a “new in box” item for just a bit over $100. Our government decided that too many citizens were arming themselves at bargain prices, so they banned SKS imports from China in 1994; another shining slice of Bill Clinton’s legacy of gun control silliness. The SKS is more akin to our WWII / Korean War era M1 Garand than it is to any modern military assault rifle.

The Chinese Norinco SKS pictured above was part of my collection for a few years, but was sold since there was no place nearby to have real fun with it, and because the gun-safe was too crowded.


Anonymous said...

They are a really neat weapon ! And prices are still not too high , last gun show I was at seen some for around $200 but now a days more people want the AK-47 rather than the SKS ! Ammo is easy to get and both the SKS and AK-47's are well built , much of the things that are made in China I have to admit is just junk ! Some of their cheaper air-guns both the pistols and rifles are total crap , metal breaks off and sometimes pellets will just drop out when they are placed in the chamber and inaccurate when they do shoot ! But their military rifles the SKS and AK-47's and their 9MM Norinco pistols always have worked for me ! The stocks on the SKS and AK-47 could be alittle better but everything else is fine ! A very good buy for one's money !

Binky said...

I have a 1954 Tula-made Russian SKS that I absolutely love. I bought it for a about $220 Canadian a year ago. For a firearms novice like me, its reassuring to have a center fire rifle that I can completely dis-assemble with confidence.

Anonymous said...

Bought one of these in the early 90's NIB for $100, and still love it (and that's coming from a blue state left-winger!). It shoots a lot better than a semi-auto AK, and if 100 rounds on stripper clips doesn't solve my problem, I'm probably cooked anyway!