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Friday, December 11, 2020

Carrying a pair. Galco Component Double Shoulder Holster Rig for J-Frame Smith & Wesson Snubnose Revolvers.

This started off as a quest for me to be able to comfortably shoulder-carry a brace of airweight .38 S&W revolvers, even during the days having the most oppressive summer heat, without using tie-downs. It worked so well that I decided to push the limits by switching to a pair of heavier steel frame revolvers (a 640-0 .38 and a 640-1 .357) and I added a pair of Matt Del Fatti reload pouches. Success!

The righthand and lefthand holsters are both component purchases from Galco. 

The 1'' leather harness is also a component purchase from Galco; it is the same harness that they use on their Miami Classic line of shoulder rigs. For use with heavier guns, I had long theorized that this harness traded the carry comfort of wider straps for the value of the narrower straps trapping less heat. I proved myself wrong. The weight of the steel revolvers was not a problem; the rig is downright comfy. I pushed the limit and spent long hours working outside when the temperature-humidity index was in the danger zone. It was so nice that I declared this to be my polite-society, southern states travel rig. NOTE: HEAT CAN KILL. I am currently 68-years-old and nowhere near as heat-tolerant as I was during my youth. I don't recommend anyone, young or old, push their luck when it comes to heat.

NOTE: The photo above shows that I have laced the harness through the holster backwards; that was deliberate. I found (long ago with other shoulder rigs) that having the end of the strap on the underside created a noticeable irritation (for me). It is not unusual for me to wear a shoulder rig during all waking hours so I go for comfort rather than style.

This side of the holster has smooth, very clean lines.  It is designed for comfort against the torso and it delivers.

The boning on this side of the holster provides for some of the native retention of the revolver; the holster(s) will lose some of that retention over time due to stretching and wear; the strap and snap provide the main retention.  Unlike the semi-auto holsters that Galco offers, these do not have a means to adjust native retention by tightening a screw.

The holsters ride between horizontal and slightly butt down, depending on what my shoulders are doing, The holsters can use tie-downs; I have them but prefer not to use them unless absolutely necessary.  Even though these two revolvers counter balance each other on the harness, if the holsters are set to carry too low they can swing out the front of a loosely buttoned shirt when I bend over if I am sans tie-downs. If the holsters are set to carry too high they can be downright irritating to the inside of the upper arms.  My physique has changed over the years but I still have a taper to my torso; I carry these revolvers in that hollow, about elbow high, which is the sweet-spot for me with this rig.


Double gun shoulder rigs have been done before. The merits have long been argued. Is it practical? Is it tactical? I won't try to answer those questions since I have never worked as a government spook, served in the military, or as a law enforcement officer. Further still, I have never been a firearms instructor, gangster, or a rumrunner. The perspective of this blog post is simply that of an average old schmuck who likes trying different carry methods.  The above rig works for me, your tastes may differ.

Following a self-defense shooting I'm guessing that most trial lawyers would prefer NOT to try explaining to a jury why the defendant was carrying four (or more) guns, be they revolvers or semi-automatics.  For illustrative purposes / sake of discussion only, I have tried it, in depth, many times over, with both revolvers and semi-autos.  I offer that concealed carry of four handguns (and more) can be done with reasonable comfort. However if you live or work around deep water, don't fall in; you may sink like an anchor.  

Again, all of the above is just idle campfire chit chat.
(Yes, I live in a rabidly anti-gun, Red Flag State.)

"My advice to you is to get yourself a gun and learn how to use it.”

Support YOUR local shooting range!  You may live to be glad that you did.


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